NEW BTS Stills for Outlander Season 3   5 comments

Here are some NEW BTS Stills for Outlander Season 3

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5 responses to “NEW BTS Stills for Outlander Season 3

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  1. See you smiling Sam, having way too much fun!! Love it, count down to Sept. 10th, ya baby!!😊💖

    Danielle Dufault
  2. Even in battle Sam is a ray of sunshine – must have been a coffee break time. Too good to be true Sept 10 is almost here!

  3. What I would do to be part of this team.

  4. I’m so happy to have David Berry join the cast. He was great on “A Place to Call Home.” There were so many people who tried out for the part of Lord John Grey, but not just anyone could carry the part through the upcoming seasons. And has anyone noticed how much he looks like Oscar Kennedy who played the younger version? The two roles were cast months apart, but he somehow looks right. One thing though. I hope David Berry is allowed to keep his hair dark. It just looks more natural that way.

  5. Just 4 more weeks! Soon we’ll have Outlander back again.

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