New GIF of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser   6 comments

Here’s a new GIF of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser from Outlander season 3


Posted August 5, 2017 by fastieslowie in Outlander, Sam Heughan

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6 responses to “New GIF of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

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  1. Magnificent, , fabulous, tremendous and
    Beautiful actor that has your back in all things


  2. This is torture – having to wait till September 10th. But that’s ok – I know Season 3 – Outlander will have outdone itself in amazing action, outstanding acting and a thrilling story. Just love it in every way.


  3. Yes Rhone, I’m so busy right now, I hope to be ready for it.

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  4. Sorry Rhone, finger slipped.


  5. Looking forward to Season 3. My screen may be off color a bit, but Jamie looks to have dark brown hair in the picture instead of his ginger curls. Either way he strikes a very commanding pose.


    • Actually, the colour tone of the photograph appears brownish – subdued one would say. You are right though, Jamie looks great anytime – looks like he means business in this photo.


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