NEW Photoshoot of Sam Heughan from Barbour   3 comments

Here are some NEW Pics from a Photoshoot with Sam Heughan from Barbour


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3 responses to “NEW Photoshoot of Sam Heughan from Barbour

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  1. I have seen great trailers so far, where only one included a talking part with Dr. Abernanthy and one of the two main characters Claire and Frank (and the back of a young Bree), but will there be any other trailers of Dr. Abernathy so that I can incorporate him in film as I have already done in the reading? I do know from my readings that he will be in Claire’s and Bree’s life at other times. Thank you.

    Gloria J.R. Marrow
  2. Why do men always look so good no matter what they wear! Everything is so well matched. Sam Heughan looks quite smart and dapper – he looks awesome in everything.

  3. On another point. Is there a plan to seat and/or stand Sam and Cait , (as Jamie and Claire), as much as possible publicly away from each other to psychologically embed the idea of 20 years they’ve had apart from each other as a prequel to the Voyager narrative, because we, the fans, or maybe its just me, are so used to seeing them interact together in such “cute” ways in public, feel its a way to get us to accept the distance between the two major characters. And, will that staging, if it is planned, make fans more excited to watch Season 3 when it begins on Sept. 10th? I am counting the days!

    Gloria J.R. Marrow

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