NEW Pics of Sam Heughan and Mackenzie Mauzy   17 comments

Here are some NEW Pics of Sam Heughan and Mackenzie Mauzy

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Posted July 30, 2017 by primrosesandrue16 in Outlander, Sam Heughan

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17 responses to “NEW Pics of Sam Heughan and Mackenzie Mauzy

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  1. I am so verra happy to see you both so happy. XXOO

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    Ursula W Sleeper
  2. Sam, why are you selling your soul for the sake of publicity?

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  3. I think the actors should be able to have privacy. Posting pictures of them with their significant others is not a choice I would make. Perhaps you will reconsider posts like this in the future?


  4. A very beautiful couple looking so happy, just like a ray of sunshine. I love her dress – so pretty.

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  5. It makes my heart sing to see them fully publicly acknowledge their love for one another!


  6. Adorable pair ❤️

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  7. Many many many actors and actresses take pics of whom they are with…it amazes me how shock ppl get…it shouldn’t make a difference to us. You go Sam and Mackenzie…have fun enjoy your time together! 💯👌🦄


    • Agree with you 100% – it shouldn’t make a difference to anyone at all. Besides, from the photos above, they seem to having a great time. Glad to see it.

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  8. Sam and Mackenzie are a beautiful couple like many others, famous or not..I hope all there hopes and dreams come true.. and they look do darned sweet together💝💝💝💝🍻

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    Linda Marie Christensen
  9. So nice to see Sam & Mackenzie.. such lovely people.. appreciate them sharing a bit of themselves with us..

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  10. Sorry, he stands closer to his fans than he does his *gf*. Just saying


  11. Just look at those happy smiles! 😎 🤙🏼


  12. People are entitled to their own opinion and to express it if they so wish. Isn’t what fame is all about? They certainly won’t be the first to get positive or negative comments about them. We do live in free countries … don’t we?


    Danielle Levasseur

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