NEW Interview with the Cast of Outlander from Entertainment Tonight   5 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with the Cast of Outlander from ET

5 responses to “NEW Interview with the Cast of Outlander from Entertainment Tonight

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  1. This video is from Entertainment Tonight not Entertainment Weekly. Great video tho.

  2. I love to hear Caitriona explain the experience and emotions that her character goes through. She expresses herself so well. She is not only a beautiful lady but also a very smart one. I also love Tobias … he is such a great actor. To be able to perform so well as BJR who is such a hateful character and then as Frank who is such a nice guy takes a lot of talent.

    Danielle Levasseur
  3. Loved the interview! Thanks for sharing. It is refreshing to hear the views of the actors themselves. Caitriona is an amazing lady, so in control of her character Claire. loved to see the actors having a good time. Season 3 is just around the corner. Can hardly wait.

  4. It seems in interviews with the actors, that Tobias Menzies does not get to speak much or isn’t asked many questions. I would love to hear more of him answering questions and talking. I think he did a great job in the series. I love all of the actors.

    Linda Snow Davis
  5. Dislike a great deal the over emphasis on Claire and Frank. For me that was a part they had to get though, but not the focus at all. I will be so disappointed if they added so much of Frank that the Jamie story during those twenty years are shortchanged. Of the reunion is postponed so far that we miss most of the story after the reunion.

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