NEW Interview with Ron D. Moore from SyFy   5 comments

Here is a NEW Video Interview with Ron D. Moore from SyFy

5 responses to “NEW Interview with Ron D. Moore from SyFy

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  1. Nice interview! Can’t wait for S3! I’m thinking 4 episodes in before the print shop scene, but wish it was less. I’ve read the books so I’m thinking 4 would be fair because a lot does happen in 20 years and a lot of characters have to be established. I haven’t been this excited about a TV series since …EVER! 😊

  2. Thank you for a great interview with Ron!

    Gloria J.R. Marrow
  3. When will we learn about seasons 5 and onward?

  4. Great interview.Amazing creativity. Can hardly wait for Season 3 to start. I am thinking that Jamie and Claire getting to adjust being together after 20 year separation will be a great journey, one of discovery and realizing that there have been changes but spiritually, they were never really apart.

  5. Nice interview with Ron. I have read where the reunion is episode 6. Ron puts a lot more of Frank in the series than in the book. It just seems like a lot to happen in the last 7 episodes. But we need to trust him!

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