NEW Gif of Claire, Frank and Brianna from Outlander Season 3   2 comments

Here is a NEW Gif of Claire, Frank, and Brianna from Outlander Season 3

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  1. This is so very “homey-like,” but I just know Claire is wishing Jamie could be present at his daughter’s 16 birthday celebration. What a guise she has to put up for Frank for Bree’s benefit. This has to be a “hurting” thing for Claire. I am sure that Frank deep down in his soul and heart knows this, too.

  2. I absolutely have so many parallels with these stories; so I suppose that’s why I like the series so much. In fact, my Jamie, my now deceased husband James H. Marrow, was/is so much like the Jamie in these stories. I even called my beloved husband “Jamie” in private. It’s, to me at least, that D. Gabaldon was writing, in several parts of her stories, about my Jamie, especially as she wrote about the Ridge. My Jamie was born in North Carolina and for many years at Christmas time, we bought Fraser Pine trees to decorate, which came from the “storied” area called the Ridge!
    Oh, well, what can I say, but to just keep writing and helping me to enjoy good literature!

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