NEW Book Tie-In Cover For “Voyager”   5 comments

Here is the NEW Book Tie-In Cover for “Voyager”


5 responses to “NEW Book Tie-In Cover For “Voyager”

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  1. So it this going to be avainle before Voyager comes to the screen

  2. Love the cover.

  3. Yes I have Voyager already, in hardcover and paperback…but had to preorder this STARZ tie in edition from Amazon, because the picture is so beautiful! Obsession is a terrible thing!

    Kimberly Robertson
    • Yes, obsession is a terrible thing. I’ve joined all the devoted fans of Outlander! I have the 4 set gift pack, the large paperbacks (due to the larger print), the dvds and blu rays of Season 1 (both volumes) and Season 2, and the hard cover “The Making of Outlander”.

  4. Love it!

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