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Here is a NEW Twitter Q and A From Matt Roberts

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  1. Just a brief statement to you and all of the crew of “Outlander” this is a marvelous story and your entire cast and crew bring so much to the show….simply love the story have read all the books…thanks to you for your hard work as well the cast….grew up in Hollywood as a kid…knew some of the kids at my school were cast members in tv shows and loved the atmosphere am a hopeless fan of movies and tv…so am enjoying my retirement and watching Outlander ….just sayin’ as the kids say!!

  2. Let me see – Well I have read all of the Outlander books (some I have to replace as they have fallen apart), watched both Season 1 and Season 2 over and over (DVD & Blu Ray), read the beautiful hard cover book The Making of Outlander. I am so impressed and appreciative of all the amazing talent and hard work going into this TV series. It was great to read all the twitter Q & A above, which go into detail all the hours, days and months dedicated to make a TV series and introduces us all into the behind the scenes and the talent involved. Thank you for sharing. I loved the answers given. Very professional and did not give away any secrets. Season 3 – Voyager I am ready for it.

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