Amazing new pendant made by @CreationsNina & a giveaway!   49 comments

Our amazing friend Nina, who has been the person behind many giveaways on this site and is very dear to our hearts,  now has a gorgeous new pendant available on Hamilton & Young’s website. It’s a limited edition, so hurry to get yours now! Look how gorgeous it is.

Click here to order yours now! 

In case you’re wondering, Nina is the woman in the middle in the above pic.

Since Nina is such a generous person with a great heart, she’s also giving away, to one lucky winner a “Standing Stones Statuette” made out of pewter and agate. The lucky winner will get to pick the colour of their choosing. 


Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Follow her site on Twitter here.

2) Retweet this tweet here.

3) Like her page on Facebook here.

4) Leave a comment below

This Contest is international!

You have until Friday, June 16th at 8:00pm ET to enter.

All comments will be numbered and the winner will be picked using

 *Only one entry per person please* 

We will number the comments. If we haven’t numbered your comment yet, don’t worry. We’ll do it as soon as we can


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49 responses to “Amazing new pendant made by @CreationsNina & a giveaway!

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  1. 1) all of your items are beautiful. love the standing stones.

  2. 2) My art historian side would loooove one of these! <3

  3. 3) Those are just beautiful! I would love one in my kitchen window to see it every day. The green, marble, and purple are my favorites! Gorgeous work…

  4. 4) Awww, I Love It! Beautiful stones statuette ❤️

  5. 5) I own a few of her pieces. Such beautiful work. I would love to win one of the statuette.

  6. 6) These are so pretty!

  7. 7) So clever, so beautiful. Love it

  8. 8) Wow. Love the pendant so much. Just what every Outlander fan needs.

  9. 9) Love all your creations……….just beautiful!

    Janice R Puckett
  10. 10) Wow so gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  11. 11) I didn’t think I had a chance of getting one, but I think they’re fabulous! Pick me!! 😉Didn’t think I had a chance of getting one, but I think they’re fabulous! Pick me!! 😉

  12. 12) So inspiring. Amazing art.

  13. 13) Thank you for giving me a chance to win one Nina’s creations. They are beautiful! 😀

    Michelle Loewen
  14. 14) These are such beauties!

  15. 15) Love the pendant & standing stones! ❤️

  16. 16) Love your work

    Barbara Kwiatek
  17. 17) Fingers crossed! Thank you!!

  18. 18) I am loving the look of this pendant.

  19. 19) Yes please. All done

    Daniela Simmons
  20. 20) Beautiful design of Craig Na Dun, such detail – count me in! #yes

  21. 21) The standing stone statuette is awesome! Love it❣

    Sherry Fowler Grey
  22. 22) This statuette is beautiful. The dragonfly jewelry is also lovely and meaningful to all Outlander fans. I’m going to leave a comment everywhere I can find that takes comments, to be sure I’m commenting in the right place.

  23. 23) Beautiful pendant and standing stones.

    Jeanette Paynter
  24. 24) I am so proud of Nina and how far she’s come with her passion and dedication. This necklace and standing stone statuette is beyond amazing. Having the necklace sold by H&Y is just the beginning. Watch out world!
    Thank you OO for giving us this amazing giveaway!!

  25. 25) Love it and would feel honored to win it

    Molly Campbell
  26. 26) Would sure like to own that beautiful necklace!

  27. 27) I would love to win the pendant. Anything Outlanderish is wonderful.

  28. 28) They are all so beautiful.

  29. 29) Love ur work and would be lucky to win this keeping my fingers crossed

  30. 30) I’ve been to Craig na dun and I’d love to have this to remember it by.

  31. 31) Gorgeous stuff! Thank you a chance to own a piece of your art!

  32. 32) These are so beautiful – look like antiques! (Kayla Arnold)

  33. 33) Wow! What a gorgeous creation. Will have to have a look at her other designs soon.

  34. 34) Nina, it’s so wonderful to see good things happening to great people!

  35. 35) These are beautiful!

    Janine Rauscher
  36. 36) These are so cute! I hope one mskes it to Spain 😉

  37. 37) Son preciosos!!!! Me encantan y el colgante divino!!!

  38. 38) Love your creations 🙂

  39. 39) Do you really want us to retweet the one from July 2016? That’s where the link in #2 goes. I’m going to retweet the one with the photo of the standing stones statuette and hope it counts.

    Michelle Fannon
  40. 40) Your work is absolutely gorgeous Nina. You must love what you do. Fabulous! All the best with your future sales.

    Julie Hindmarsh
  41. 41) Your work is beautiful! I am going to try to order the charm bracelet! I just love it!

  42. 42) Have another design from her designs..this is a lovely piece ♡

    Tina-Maria Altiero
  43. 43) I think you are brilliant! I love the pieces with the bees!!

    Kim Whittiker-Gish
  44. 44) Love this pendant!!!

  45. 45) I don’t know if I’ve enter already…

    Julie A Brumley
  46. 46) Such pretty and unique jewelry! I’m looking forward to exploring the site to see what treasures I might find!

  47. 47) Love your beautiful designs! Please enter me into the contest!

  48. 48) I’ve purchased from Nina. She creates wonderful jewelry and her Outlander jewelry is “Outstanding” !! It would be a terrific privilege to wear this standing stones jewelry!! Continue creating, Nina!!

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