New pictures and videos of Sam Heughan for Men’s Health South Africa   5 comments

Here are some new pics of Sam Heughan for Men’s Health South Africa

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Behind the scenes shots of @samheughan, the main actor from hit series @outlander_starz at @roarkgymsfor an upcoming @menshealthza feature. Such a great down-to-earth guy, and he’s in phenomenal shape. It’s going to make a powerful story with epic visuals


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5 responses to “New pictures and videos of Sam Heughan for Men’s Health South Africa

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  1. Wow! Is it possible that Sam can look even better? LOL Great way to get more people on board with MPC and Bloodwise too. 👏👏👏💞

  2. Sam’s looking good,👍🏻😁💪🏻 I wish I could do that, I have a rare heart disease that keeps me from doing those kinds of things that I would love to do. It’s hard for me to do that kind of work out . You should have a Health program in the US, for people like me with rare heart disease problems. Ty 😃🙋🏼

    • Katrina, Sam’s Peak Challenge program is for absolutely everyone. Your challenge can be anything that improves your life. It doesn’t have to be anything like he is doing. So you could be a part of his challenge by doing something that would be related to getting the most healthy life you could with your disease or researching ways and places that might have a program for you, reading more, doing volunteer work, etc. If it improves the quality of your life, it fits his challenge. I wish you good luck in finding your challenge.

      Barbara Spellman
  3. He is a very giving person, all done for people’s awareness of their health and physical fitness, and all for a good cause too.

  4. His muscle looks leaner – less bulky than seasons 1 & 2. Suits his frame better.

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