NEW Pic of Sam Heughan   9 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Sam Heughan


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9 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. Shame can’t see Sam’s beautiful smile – I assume he’s smiling on such a glorious day.

  2. I,bet it is Mackenzie taking the photo. They both like to hike. 👍

  3. I sort of looks like he’s dressed in costume for the series. The way his sleeves are sort of puffy and it looks like he’s wearing boots too. Very hard to tell with the sun behind him. He looks happy, I hope shooting in South Africa is getting easier. Maril said in her Twitter Q and A that the weather was making shooting more difficult.

  4. He’s like a sun God! He radiates! That’s why he was chosen to play “The King of all Men”! ;D

  5. Actually a beautiful shot of Sam Heughan – against the sunset. No matter what he does – he is awesome. Keep the photos coming.

  6. What a Beautiful picture!!! Have a Nice Day and Week to All of You!!! Bonne Journée & Bonne Semaine, à Tous!!! France Québec, Canada

    France Garneau
  7. Know where Sam got that great pose! He radiates happiness!

    • Exactly! He seems to be a beautiful ray of sunshine no matter what he does. Looking forward to seeing what new roles he will be taking when Outlander, Season 3 & 4 is finished.

  8. Sam must be so happy with his life and this picture radiates that positive energy! Have fun Sam!

    Bonnie Chapman

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