NEW Interview with Laura Donnelly from Evening Standard

Here is a NEW Interview with Laura Donnelly from Evening Standard

From Evening Standard:

Laura Donnelly was just a child when her uncle was taken away by the IRA, shot dead, and his body dumped in a bog — a story Butterworth retells in The Ferryman.

She plays a woman whose husband’s body is accidentally uncovered a decade after he was secretly buried — sparking a wave of violence and stirring up almost forgotten memories.
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The Belfast-born star said telling the story of the victims, known as the Disappeared as usually no bodies were found, had been “extremely cathartic”.

She said: “My uncle, Eugene Simons, was one of the Disappeared. He was my mother’s brother and disappeared the year this play is set, 1981.

“He was found by accident in 1984 in a bog by a man walking a dog. My mum and many other members of my family are just grateful that it didn’t go on as long as some did — most other families had 10, 20, 30 years. It’s a very, very cruel thing.”

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