NEW Pic of Sam Heughan   5 comments

Here is a NEW Pic of Sam Heughan


Posted April 5, 2017 by primrosesandrue16 in Sam Heughan

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5 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. Can we please leave this poor man alone when he’s on his own time?

  2. I agree with Ruth. Let Sam post on his social media accounts if he wants to be seen.

  3. Unfortunately that’s what fame is all about. You can’t have it both ways!!!!!

    Danielle Levasseur
  4. Fame should not equal invasion of privacy, I know, a naive idea. Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented to web in 1989 to be used worldwide for automatic information gathering, not to spy on actors and display those findings to all of us. I think we all have a choice when deciding what we put out in the worldwide web and the consequences of our postings, some choose to ignore the consequences and some choose to be respectful. I’m asking people to be respectful. Thats all. I have found that this site makes the choice to be respectful of the postings displayed. Cheers to them.

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