NEW Pic of Duncan Lacroix   4 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Duncan Lacroix


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4 responses to “NEW Pic of Duncan Lacroix

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  1. Duncan, I have thoroughly enjoyed how you’ve brought Murtagh to life in the STARZ series–loved the expansion of Murtagh’s role and knowledge from DG’s work. The quiet strength, unerring loyalty, strong sentimentality, sweet yet mature humor has endeared you to millions of fans, no doubt.
    If I could pick a character to continue and KEEP by Jamie’s side AFTER Culloden to accompany him in those adventures, it would be your rich character. Wishing your career continued success! Well done, sir!

  2. Perhaps Duncan is posing on a South African beach??? Hmmmm.

  3. WOW!!! Smokin’

  4. OMG your hot are you married if no wanna be

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