NEW/OLD Pic of Sam Heughan   2 comments

Here is a NEW/OLD pic of Sam Heughan


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2 responses to “NEW/OLD Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. How about talking Ron out of some REAL Season 3 pix?
    •Even 1 a month for fans who are trying to live through a much longer episode of Droughtlander stress?
    •Put the new characters in Terry’s costumes to introduce them in-character?
    •Introduce a pic that is from one of YOUR different twists than Gabaldon’s book to keep us guessing?

    Too much to ask? I’m not asking for a video clip from “A. Malcolm-Print Shop”-although I’m treating the suspense excitement of the “Reunion” as if it were Christmas Eve!
    Keep me happy as I pay monthly for STARZ but find nothing else that interests me on it…until Season 3 starts…5 extra months. Put the teasers ON STARZ. Maybe I’ll be more likely to tune in before September.

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