2 NEW Stills of Outlander Season 3   4 comments

Here are 2 NEW Stills from Outlander Season 3


View the other after the jump!




4 responses to “2 NEW Stills of Outlander Season 3

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  1. Geez, I couldn’t even tell who was holding Claire’s wrist til I thought “how’d men dress & look in the 1960’s–Yeek!!!
    It IS Frank!!!! The hair, the glasses, the clothing style, the incoming “earth tones.” NOT a trendy look, Tobias. Stick with your 21st Century look–or Frank’s 1940’s!!! 😊


  2. Forgot Claire’s motherhood look. Sensationally stylish, and a pram, no less. Like my Mom had in the 50’s-60’s. Well, we all know Cait would look good in a paper bag! Well done, Cait, AND Terry D.!


  3. Right professorial look there Frank (Tobias). Reminds me of Richard Burton in Equus. Saw those outfits a thousand times when I was in college. As to the Claire pic, would like to know who is the dog lover, because there is a dog walk-by in the very first episode of the series too. Anxiously awaiting Season 3.


  4. I am so over frank…bring on JAMIE!


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