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Here is a NEW Interview and Photoshoot with Tobias Menzies from Interview Magazine


From Interview Magazine :

Tobias Menzies, it seems, knows how to pick a project. Over the last few years, the RADA-trained British actor has appeared in a string of mammouth television hits, playing Catyln Stark’s hapless brother Edmure Tully in Game of Thrones, an evil MI6 suit in The Night Manager, a tactless OBY-GYN doctor in Catastrophe, and two distinct characters—a ruthless, 18th-century army captain nicknamed “Black Jack” and his rather more docile 20th-century descendent, Frank—in Starz’s fantasy series Outlander, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination. Then there are his film roles in both festival-friendly indies (such as Una, which premiered at TIFF last September) and blockbusters, like the recently-released Underworld: Blood Wars, in which he plays stringy-haired Lycan villain Marius.

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“Underworld is, obviously, a huge genre piece with a very particular kind of aesthetic,” Menzies explains over the phone from London. “In a way, [it requires] a very type of performance to make that material work,” he continues. “They can be complicated things to rattle with, because there’s obviously so much story to link in with prior films, and the pressure of the genre and the audience.”

Next up, Menzies will star in the series The Terror about a Royal Naval expedition to the Arctic alongside Ciarán Hinds and Jared Harris. “We did five weeks before Christmas and I’m about to go back,” he tells us. “It’s an amazing story. I’m really, really excited for what we’re making.”

EMMA BROWN: What did you want to be when you were five years old?

TOBIAS MENZIES: My great passion as a child was tennis. I spent most of my childhood playing competitive tennis—a lot of tournaments. That was what I was nuts about, what I used to dream about. The brutal truth was I probably wasn’t quite good enough. It can be a tough profession. In my mid to late teens I got interested more in girls—puberty [laughs]—and then suddenly I wasn’t playing so much.

BROWN: How did you end up at RADA?

MENZIES: Initially, I didn’t specifically want to concentrate on acting. When I left school, I was really interested in theater-makers, companies like Complicite and Shared Experience who were devising their own work. That’s what I was very excited about. I was also watching a lot of dance-theater and contemporary dance. I tried to go to the Lecoq school in Paris, which is where a lot of the Complicite lot went, but I couldn’t get the money together for that. What I could get a grant for was drama schools in England, and so I thought, “Maybe I’ll start with that.” When I got to RADA, I was surrounded by a lot of people who had wanted to be actors since they were yay high and by the time I left, I’d really caught the bug for acting, the bug for straight performance. I didn’t come out and make my own company, which was what I had planned to do when I was younger. The training was very orientated towards theater, so I think I naturally assumed that I would do more theater, especially early on.

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  1. Remarkable interview,,I didn’t know Mr.Menzies before OL,, but have since seen ihim in a lot of shows!! I truly love his voice, and his acting as well,,,

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