NEW Outlander Season 3 Episode Titles Released   5 comments

Here are some NEW Episode Titles for Outlander Season 3 That have been released so far




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5 responses to “NEW Outlander Season 3 Episode Titles Released

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  1. Can hardly wait !


  2. of lost things=A. Malcolm, Printer


  3. This was HARD!!! DG’s book vs. creative writers and Ron D. Moore-hmmm. After 2 hours with book and timeline outline, I guess:
    1. 3.1=(Let me call it “Ghostly Culloden & Boston Baby Blues”)=the battle, the aftermath, Lord Melton releases him, Claire struggles with her infant/toddler & her memories (and depression!) while Frank concentrates on being a “dad” to Brianna and his female students, secretaries and moving “up.”
    2. All Debts Paid=The Dunbonnet/cave, Lallybroch second-class citizen Jamie, 30 pieces of silver, Ardsmuir Prison & Lord John, the treasure hunt, parole to Hellwater, a groom’s miserable life, Claire to medical school while Frank follows thru his promise to help raise Brianna thru school years.
    3. Of Lost Things=Blackmailed by Lady Geneva Dunsany, birth of William, death of Earl of Ellesmere, Jamie loses contact with William with parole and leaves Hellwater but cannot be Laird upon return to Lallybroch, Lord John pines for Jamie, Jamie continues to pine for Claire and faces Jenny who forces him to remarry (yeek!) Laoghaire, Claire “loses” Frank-SHE’S FREE!
    4. Freedom and Whiskey (1766)=Jamie leaves Laoghaire, moves to Edinborough, A. Malcolm/printing/smuggling whiskey…could be forced to await reunion to 5th episode with Claire’s return or her return could be here in Episode 4 and continued printing and smuggling whiskey/liquor with explanation of “the business”…REUNION SOONER THAN LATER please! S3 E4, I hope! Or E5-“REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!” to steal a verse from a great old song! The whore house, the fire…
    That’s my best guess…can’t start soon enough!


  4. All debts paid is Episode #3 not 2. So expand your episode 1 outline to fill 2 episodes. Notice the Numbering, it is 1 untitled, NO 2, then 3, 4 and 5 are titled. I remember them saying they shot out of sequence.


  5. You have at it, Sandy. Even with missing an episode, there is A TON of good stuff to organize into the episodes, and “on a lark,” that’s my best try…esp. if the reunion isn’t til E5, or, perish the thought(!), E6…because E5 doesn’t sound like “AND NOW, HEEEEERE’S CLAIRE…WITH JAMIE!”
    Just, end the drought and let’s get to it!!! The suspense is KILLING US!!!

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