NEW Video of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe   7 comments

Here is a NEW video of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe 

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7 responses to “NEW Video of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe

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  1. These two are so into each other! It’s so obvious! Loving , gentle and caring. Love to see the way they look at each other. God bless you both abundantly ❤🙏

    Theresa Khairallah
  2. Hello to Sam and Cait, two beautiful

  3. Love you guys!!! So good to see you!!!

  4. Hallo Cait und Sam,immer schön euch zu sehen. Es isr eine Freude euch zu sehen.Auch wie ihr mit einander umgeht.

  5. Smiley

  6. Seattle seems like a nonconsequential location for Outlander to participate (not that Seattle isn’t a nice city). How much of a bump would Outlander/Starz obtain from participating here…possibly very little if any. Is there a benefit for the show here that is not obvious? Who knows! For Sam Heughan, there is definitely a benefit. MM’s parents (his girlfriend’s) live in Seattle (according to a friend who posted this information on her Instagram page in the last month or two). Sam get the benefit of impressing her parents prior to meeting them (think self-importance). Who do you suppose is paying for this trip? More than likely Tall Ship Productions and/or Starz. (Sam, I understand, has a potential net worth of $5M.) Does TSP/Starz know that Sam is scamming them or are they complacent? Only they can answer that. And what about Caitriona Balfe who evidently will be attending as well. What is in this for her other than Sam abusing their friendship for his own person gain (and evidently this isn’t his first time for doing this)! (If you look at the video, she is smiling, but there appears to be no particular excitement about participating.) Up until now, I have liked Sam as a person and actor… now I question where is his integrity?


    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel

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