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NEW Interview with Tobias Menzies from IGN   Leave a comment

Here is a NEW interview with Tobias Menzies from IGN


From IGN :

Tobias Menzies is known for giving a complex portrayal of a villain, from his turn as Brutus on HBO’s Rome to his Golden Globe-nominated performance as Black Jack Randall on Starz’s Outlander. He’ll soon be taking on a very different type of villain in Underworld: Blood Wars, but he attempted to bring the same amount of complexity to the villainous Lycan.

In Blood Wars, Menzies plays the leader of the Lycans, Marius. He’s a “more efficient, more impressive foe” than Underworld’s vampires have seen before, and has a personal connection to Kate Beckinsale’s Selene. Though the production had looked at a few different actors to play the film’s villain, director Anna Foerster suggested Menzies because of their work together on Outlander, where she directed him in several especially notable episodes, and the team behind Blood Wars decided he was right for the part.

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