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Here is a NEW interview with Anna Foerster from LA Weekly


From LA Weekly :

What does it take for a woman to win the trust it takes to become an action director? For Anna Foerster, it took two decades, an expert’s knowledge of visual effects and cinematography, and a directing gig on key episodes of a cult television show — Starz’s Outlander. Now she’s helming the fifth film in a big-budget action franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars.

“An executive at Lakeshore Entertainment is a big fan of Outlander, and he called up my agent and said, ‘I want to meet the person who did that last episode,’ ” Foerster says of the roundabout way she got the Blood Wars job.

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In the episode in question, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul,” the series’ eye-candy hero, Jamie (Sam Heughan), is raped by the show’s resident Marquis de Sade, Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies, who also has a role in Blood Wars). The scene is excruciating and takes place at the head of the episode, so the rest of the running time is dedicated to exploring Jamie’s emotional and physical recovery — and the effect that being defiled by another man has on his masculinity. Critics were split on the rape scene: Is the show mining unexamined and edifying territory? Is it exploitative? What was clear, though, was that Foerster didn’t shy away from the violence, and her handling of complex emotions got people talking about something that’s quite real for one in 33 men.

“The scene was a tour-de-force opportunity for those two male actors,” Foerster says. “We had fortunately a little bit of a rehearsal and discussion time for that, which is great and is not always what you get in television and episodic work. It was important not to let it get reduced to the sexual act. It needed to be about power and emotion.”

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  1. You brought out so much emotion from Sam/Jamie! Great job .I wish you could work with him always ! Y’all should have won an Emmy for that !

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