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As promised, here are some tid bits, video and pics from “The Making of Outlander” Book Signing with Tara Bennett and Diana Gabaldon


So, unlike the Outlander Kitchen event, this was a little more intimate setting. Smaller room and less chairs, so seating was limited. Some had to sit against the wall. I would have gotten there sooner, but instead of 6333, I put in 6334 into google maps and sent me across the street to a gas station. Ended up parking in the WAY WAY WAY WAY back of the parking lot. Stupid chubby fingers. Anyways, this time I put some info that previously wasn’t said at the last event into my phone so I wouldn’t forget the good stuff. Plus, more videos. Enjoy!

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P.S. Sorry for the blurry pics. As I said, I was in the very last row, so its zoomed in.

So the evening started promptly at 7. Tara started out with how she came into the world of Outlander, how she came to wright the companion for the show and so on and so forth. So here are the tidbits.

*Tara’s first book was actually book 3, Voyager. 

*”The Making of Outlander” is her 25th companion book

*She first met Diana at New York Comic Con

*She started in January, but they didn’t get together until February

*For 2×08, they actually grew the potatoes that get tossed on the table at Lallybroch. However, they waited so long to shoot the block that they ended up dying. So they had to end up going and buying them from the store.

*They’re where argument on what the right colors for the toothpicks that distinguished the Jacobite army on the maps. ( I’m not sure if I got that ENTIRELY right) there was some laughter and didn’t catch it all)

*Prep takes 4 weeks

*Simon Callow wanted to keep is decapitated head from 2×11. He thought it was cool. 

*Murtagh was originally scripted to cut the Dukes head off with a broadsword. Diana pointed how that , yes, you can kill someone with a broadsword, but you wouldn’t be able to get a clean cut. So they changes it to an ax.

*Before each table read, everyone introduces themselves. Just so that the new actors can get to know who everyone is. Director, producer, writer, etc.

*The ghost from book 1 was originally there to just create atmosphere

*The fantastic costume department has a staff of 78

*Much praise for the makeup department; For a future (and much anticipated) Ardsmuir Prison scene, Sams makeup to hours. It’s a quick scene, but Diana said you can see the dirt surrounding his nails and hands and how disheveled her looks, while Lord John Grey looks immaculate.

*She didn’t want to stick with just Claire’s POV. She wanted to add some variety to it.

* Premiere dates depend on Starz schedule and what they think will be a good fit for the show. Also, on the actors. 

*This one was a response from a audience question : Diana agreed that it’s not just Claire’s story. It’s Jamie’s story THROUGH Claire’s eyes. It all centers around people’s relationship with Jamie.

*Diana hinted at a FRANK book. ( gasps, laughter and clapping ensued)

That’s all I got. Sorry if it’s not more!


So I did take videos, but unfortunately they aren’t uploading. However, The Poisoned Pen has uploaded the full video of the event. So make sure you watch the whole thing to hear about the new stuff coming from Diana!! 

Here’s the link

Okydoky!! That’s all folks. Sorry if I didn’t get everything. And, sorry if I misquoted, or didn’t get the right info. there was ALOT, so I may have gotten some stuff wrong.




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  1. Interesting tidbits. Thanks!

  2. The book is wonderful. Well worth the cost, I try to read all things Outlander and there was so much fascinating new information. The information and where the ideas for the soundtrack, as told by Bear McCreary, is great. The information and thoughts by the actors and writers regarding reasons for scenes, why changes were made etc. is fascinating. There are many wonderful photographs that I hadn’t seen before. I just can’t

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