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Here are the descriptions of the NEW Outlander Wine Limited Collection 


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Claire Fraser- 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir ($30)

Persistent, adaptable, beguiling. These are the traits that have served Claire Fraser well as the Sassenachmarooned in an era long past. She’s learned to survive – and thrive – based on her resources, and drawing upon the same qualities are the grapes for this elegant Pinot Noir, a variety that wine lovers around the world obsess over. At times feminine and delicate, yet in other instances earthy and robust, Pinot Noir can be an elusive seductress with undeniable class and versatility. In any case, it’s a variety that demands to be noticed and taken seriously. Indulge in the ripe black cherry and black raspberry flavors, with hints of cola and underbrush. Savor the silky texture as it unfurls on your palate. Enjoy with flavorful duck, quail or pork dishes for a transcendent pairing. This is a wine that will transport you to another time and place – and leave you longing for more.


Jamie Fraser- 2014 Paso Robles Red Blend ($30)

Raise a glass of this crowd-pleasing Paso Robles red blend to Jamie Fraser, a natural leader whose strength and charm know no bounds. Fearless, yet compassionate, and perpetually bound by honor and duty, he is a worthy match for the bewitching outlander who suddenly appears in his life, changing it forever. Grenache, the unsung hero of many famous Southern Rhône red blends, is the main grape found in this Rhône-inspired wine, and like Jamie, the varietal speaks many languages, flourishing in warm regions around the world, from France to California. It’s often meant to serve as a humble backbone, yet always manages to stand out as being genuinely special. Ripe and juicy, with excellent natural acidity and clean, red-fruit flavors, this wine is worthy of toasting a true Scottish warrior and scholar, and will be a delight with grilled or roasted lamb. Sláinte, Jamie Fraser!

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  1. Yay! I think you saw my tweet or my part about this on FB. Thanks for paying about the wines.

  2. Pity these don’t seem to be available in the UK

    • Here is the disclaimer on the site that sells the product- ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PURCHASED FROM LOT18 ARE SOLD IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND TITLE PASSES TO THE BUYER IN CALIFORNIA. Lot18 makes no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import alcoholic beverages into any state outside of California. The buyer is solely responsible for the shipment of alcoholic beverage products. By placing an order with Lot18, buyer authorizes Lot18 to act on buyer’s behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver buyer’s order. Drinking wine may increase risk for cancer, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects.

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