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Here’s a new BTS video from Outlander Season 2

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  1. When I first played Bear McCreary’s Season 1 Outlander soundtrack to my (then 88 year old) mother in my car on the way to breakfast, she explained how, as an American-born citizen, she grew up in British Columbia, Canada…where ALL the school children routinely learned the “Skye Boat” poem/song. She then recited it. She reflected on the story of “Bonnie Prince Charlie”-even taking my recommendation later to read Eric Linklater’s “The Prince In The Heather;” I had purchased it after reading that Diana Gabaldon used it in her research for the series. After that, she borrowed the first book of the series from me. At age 90 now, she has slowly continued to borrow each successive book in the series and continues her reading as she feels up to it. She’s over 1/2 way through my 8 book set at this point and still reports as to how much she enjoys each of the books in the series.
    P.S. Bear McCreary’s soundtracks for Seasons 1 & 2 are SPECTACULAR! I am thoroughly enjoying the Season 2 CD I purchased last Friday on its’ 1st day out! Raya’s sensational singing “The Skye Boat Song” in English AND French. Tomorrow, Season 2 of STARZ “Outlander” comes out on DVD. I’ll be there first thing in the morning to snap it up. Everything related to the DG series, including the STARZ series, has been fabulous. KEEP IT COMING!!!

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