NEW Fan Pic of Sam Heughan   3 comments

Here is a NEW fan pic of Sam Heughan



Posted October 25, 2016 by primrosesandrue16 in Sam Heughan

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3 responses to “NEW Fan Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. One of the nicest fan pics I’ve seen … Great smiles and great scenery too. A lucky day for everyone! A big shout out to Sam Heughan for being so kind as to interrupt his day for this picture.

    Sam this pic is why you slay our hearts 💕 everytime you show such kindness to your fans.

  2. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Sam, but he always comes off as such a gentleman and so kind. I really like that in a person and it’s one of the things that keeps me interested in him and his career. I can’t stand famous people who act like divas and punks who are above others. Sam just comes off as such a very nice man. I pray he never changes in that regard.

  3. Such a kind man! Always seems to have time to stop with a smile for his fans!

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