NEW Extended Jamie and Claire Scene from 2×07   20 comments

Here is a NEW extended Jamie and Claire scene from 2×07

20 responses to “NEW Extended Jamie and Claire Scene from 2×07

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  1. This was emmy material

  2. I know they had to shorten this scene for time, but it would’ve been even more emotional to keep it all in. Heart -wrenching…

  3. They should have shortened the chamber scene and so many others to allow time for their relationship. Very sad.

  4. I love the additional few lines but they did manage to convey a solid emotional wallop even without them.

  5. This whole scene really hit home for me as we lost our baby too! Definitely emmy worthy and very heart wrenching!!

  6. Really wish they could have kept all of this. Sam really conveyed the impact on Jamie – heart wrenching!

  7. Oh my, how much more emotional this extended scene is! It brought tears to my eyes once again. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Accolades to these two for their excellent performance! 💜💜

    Theresa Khairallah
  8. Another perfect performance from Sam. It should have remained.

  9. I agree….They shouldn’t have cut any of it…

  10. I usually understand why they have to cut scenes but, there were many other places to cut. These emotional scenes that show Jamie’s feelings also should be reevaluated and more of them kept. There is a lot of time spent on Claire’s emotional side. Letting us see and hear more about Jamie’s emotions are just as important. That scene and everything he said should definitely have been kept, it brought so much more to their feelings together and how they could cope with their devastation and loss.

  11. I don’t get how the episode writer/exec producer wouldn’t fight for the extra 2 minutes…you wrote the beautiful words. The actor hits the ball out of the park. The director nails it…and you let it go? Speed up the credits!

  12. This is what was missed in season3. We didn’t need 4-5 episodes with them getting farther and farther apart. I read somewhere that Caite/Sam fought to keep them apart for as long as possible bc this is the reality of PTSD sufferers……and people go through stones on a daily basis……hmmm. This ruined the show for me. It became difficult to watch. This scene brings it all back. How wonderful he was with her. What a beautiful relationship even in difficult times. I really hope they bring back the Jamie/Claire we love. If not I will no longer watch. I have never re-watched any episode from S2. What’s wrong with millions of female fans. And it is a LOVE STORY!!! Yes set in a historical setting that is sometimes correct. We don’t need to be tethered along with rediculous storylines like some soap opera.

  13. what´s beautiful

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  15. Can’t believe they cut his words out….so beautiful

  16. And they way he is bowing before her…

  17. Hoping they put this (and any other) extended scene on the SEASON 2 DVD that’s coming out at the end of this month.
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the extended scene inclusion on Season 1’s DVD…these pieces deepen the main characters and allow them to demonstrate just how EXCELLENT they truly are. Lends so much depth to characters and story. Well done!
    I re-watch various episodes often, just like I re-read the 8 books of the series–there’s always one on my nightstand–and a Season 1 DVD in my CD player or playing on my iPod to drift off to sleep on!

  18. Oh, I loved this version!

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  20. Thank you for sharing the extended version with us. Good acting from both actors. I thought Caitriona surpassed herself in that episode. Sam also did good acting in that episode especially in the extended version.

    Danielle Levasseur

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