NEW Pic of Sam Heughan in “When The Starlight Ends”   7 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Sam Heughan in “When The Starlight Ends”



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7 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan in “When The Starlight Ends”

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  1. I think I knew this guy in the 1970’s!

  2. I dated this guy in the 70’s. Lol

    Elizabeth Graziano
  3. I’m in love with this guy in 2000!

  4. Hate seeing Sam smoking even for a role!

  5. He doesn’t have a cigarette in his mouth, does he?

    • That’s what it looked like to me at first glance . . . an unlit cigarette, but perhaps it’s a pen? IDK, but I hope it’s not a cigarette.

  6. Truly….good acting….like to think of Sam’s characters…in his queri stage of huge stardom in this crazy social media complexity as a solid character who leaves an impression of sorts wherever/whoever he interacts with”positive” changes that life delivers regardless of the setting…😎 Sla’inte

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