2 NEW BTS Pics of Caitriona Balfe On Set of Outlander   5 comments

Here are some NEW pics of Caitriona Balfe on Set of Outlander Season 2


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5 responses to “2 NEW BTS Pics of Caitriona Balfe On Set of Outlander

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  1. There’s the big baby bump again. My guess is we will see the birth of Bree and Frank’s reaction when she is put in his arms. Then I think we will see the scene when Bree is a nursing infant with diaper rash, the furnace breaking down, the dinner guests coming and Frank’s reaction when he comes home and Claire looks the worst for wear. I hope we see her throw the wine bottle at him.

    • I wish i cared about all that and it was cool in the book but frankly any moment that frank who i dislike is in the scene it is a moment with out Jamie and i keep waiting for it to end and get to him…weird i know, but there it is.

  2. Whoa! You are right about the baby bump (and I DO hope they include all the scenes you mentioned) but Claire looks like she is dressed in 18th century garb rather than 20th. What’s with that??

  3. The caption reads from Season 2…..

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