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Welcome to the Outlander family Ceser Domboy who will be taking over the role of Fergus


From Entertainment Weekly:

Remember the adorable Fergus, who played the pickpocketing French kid taken in by Jamie and Claire in season 2 of Outlander

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Good news, fans: the character will be back when the drama returns for a third season on Starz — and he’ll be a grown-up! EW has learned exclusively that César Domboy (The Walk) will take over the role when the story jumps ahead two decades in the new season.

Here’s the official description of his character from Starz: “Born into a brothel, Fergus has grown up into a charming, devilishly handsome man with a strong sense of loyalty and decorum, despite his unconventional upbringing. He is the ultimate romantic, wearing his heart on his sleeve and falling in and out of love easily. However, Fergus’ devotion to Jamie has never wavered, making the Frenchman an integral part of the Fraser clan. Still, his debonair demeanor masks a longing for a lasting love and a permanent sense of belonging.” 

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6 responses to “*CASTING NEWS* Welcome Cesar Domboy as Adult Fergus Fraser

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  1. Excellent choice!!

  2. Kudos to the casting dept. again. You sure know how to pick them! So far, every character has been perfectly represented. Good choices!

  3. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  4. Loved young Fergus-Romann Berrux.
    He broke my heart as he left Jamie & Claire to take the “Deed of Sassine” to Lallybroch…the look of sadness at parting crushed me–GREAT ACTING! Pity he can’t play Adult Fergus by aging 20 years but Cesar Domboy looks as if he can pull off the feat of taking over the part! Welcome, young man! Play it from the heart as the character from Diana Gabaldon’s fabulous literary imagination!

  5. Excellent choice. Amazing similarity of appearance between Cesar and Romann. It is exciting to see adult Fergus but also sad to have to let go of Romann – what a charmer he proved to be.

  6. Oh my goodness!!
    He’s perfect for older Fergus!
    I’m truly amazed at the casting directors

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