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Here is a NEW pic of Stephen Walters



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  1. I think you’ve reached your goal. You were a terrific actor in Outlanders, we laughed and we all think you were GREAT! Too bad you had to die in Season 2. I was soooo disappointed.

    Danielle Levasseur
  2. We miss you on Outlander! You were AWESONE AND FANTASTIC!
    You have thousands of fans and we hope to see you soon!
    You rocked “Angus”!

  3. oh honey your a great actor. Loved you in Outlander.

  4. Loved you as Angus!!!

    Sandra Riggs Moore
  5. And a great actor you are!!!

  6. You are a great actor, I would love to see you in flashbacks or even an updated roll as an Angus relative in Outlander….there’s room, I’m sure of it!!

  7. Steven you were a great Angus in Outlander; you made me laugh and cry. I hated to see you go and I do miss your character. Love you!

  8. Mr. Walters, you have definitely accomplished that . I would enjoy seeing you in more roles. Loved you as Angus, in Outlander. Also enjoy your good sense of humor.

    Theresa Khairallah

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