New Photoshoot and Video of Sam Heughan for Barbour   11 comments

Here are new pictures of Sam Heughan for Barbour


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11 responses to “New Photoshoot and Video of Sam Heughan for Barbour

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  1. OMG, OMG…Sam, take notes. This is a great look for you. Hair is perfect especially log carrying Jamie hair. Love the belts and shoes have your name on them. Can’t wait for S3!

  2. Beautiful man, beautiful clothes! He wears them well!!

  3. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  4. Was this supposed to be a clothing ad? Because I got distracted by Sam & forgot to look. LOL

  5. He wears anything with such amazing style. I plan to check out this clothing line for my man. No, he isn’t Sam, but will look good in the plaids.

  6. Good afternoon, Mr Heughan. It’s me France, from Quebec, Canada. How are you, and the crew doing??? How is the weather where you are??? Us here, is steal Summer, very hot and humid during the day, but chilly at night!!! Fall is knocking at our doors!!! Next Thursday, we will be watching the sixth episode of season 2. In this season my husband and I have many discussion. Because I was troubled sometimes by the way Jimmy act with Claire, but, my husband said they are in 16th century!!! And my answer is yes but …!!! Sometimes I do not agree with Claire, this season, one episode I prefer you and the other can be Claire, and my husband, Always said yes but they are in 16th century…!!! In the promotion photos, the look you wear is very nice, the scenery and landscape are gorgeous, were is it??? Your puppy adorable, especially when they make a close up on his Puppy eyes…!!! I love the series, even if my husband and I have discussion!!! We watch it Thursday & Saturday, same episode, because the first time, to many things to watch, the cloths, the make up, and the decor!!! The discussion between you, Claire and Murdock. Please Congratulate the cast and crew on the set, in front or behind the camera, it’s a UNBELIVABLE series!!! I wish you and your colleagues a very Nice day!!! Oh, I forgot, and all your Fans also!!!


  7. Sam nailed it as always.

  8. Fine-if it’s a SHIRT company, show the shirts with Sam wearing them WITH KILTS. That’s gonna get our attention.

  9. Lucky Puppy!

  10. Sam is a very handsome man. He wears these clothes to perfection. The company could not have chosen a better man to advertise them.

    Danielle Levasseur
  11. God he is beautiful Sam looks great too lol

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