NEW Pic of Duncan Lacroix   6 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Duncan Lacroix



Posted August 31, 2016 by primrosesandrue16 in Duncan Lacroix

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6 responses to “NEW Pic of Duncan Lacroix

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  1. I want a Murtagh doll!!! Where did he get that? I hope a wonderful fan made it for him. That’s just awesome!

    Elizabeth Fisher
  2. Duncan – it doesn’t do you justice —– you are a super hunk!!!

  3. My sister got me a calendar yesterday for 2017, and it didn’t have one photo of Murtagh in it!!! I was so disappointed!

  4. Where can l ger a Murtagh doll


  6. Perhaps he would like mine which has a bit more detail (sorry I can’t post a photo).

    Catherine Curtis

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