*OFFICIAL* David Berry Has Been Cast as Lord John Grey in Outlander   12 comments

Please welcome David Berry to the cast of Outlander as Lord John Grey 


From Entertainment Weekly:

This casting news should help take away the pain of the ongoing Droughtlander.

EW has learned exclusively that Starz has found the actor who will play the pivotal role of Lord John Grey in the third season ofOutlander, premiering in 2017.

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Australian actor David Berry will take over as Grey, the former British soldier-turned-Ardsmuir Prison governor who strikes up a dubious friendship with the incarcerated Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). The third season of Outlander will be based on Voyager, the third novel in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series that was published in 1993.

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12 responses to “*OFFICIAL* David Berry Has Been Cast as Lord John Grey in Outlander

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  1. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  2. wondering if he is too tall and dark haired He is as “beautiful” as LJG is described and a wonderfullu gifted actor his performance as James in A Place to call home is spot on LJG is tall in every way as an honourable, loving and caring MAN I do love this character so And David Berry can carry it off beautifully I am guess i am saying I am verra please with the choice Cait is after all far taller than Claire and she is definitely CLAIRE

  3. I love this addition. He is as good looking as you imagine LJG to be.Should be an interesting storyline. Can’t wait to see the interaction between Jamie and LJG. This is gonna be great!

  4. Good Choice. I’m melting again with that beautiful face. Jamie your still # 1.

  5. Reading Voyager again before #3 as there’s no way I can remember all the details in these books. Unfortunate this book can’t be done in 16 eps to avoid omitting some critical moments. Time and money. The characters do not always physically resemble as described in the books but somehow they become that person as we see more of them. Excellent casting. The caliber of acting is extraordinary to so realistically create this other world. No problem there. Only regret is all this talk about Sam Heughan being ‘a hulk’ instead of the seriously fine actor he is. He IS Jamie Fraser as Caitronia Balfe is Claire, They are indispensable to the success of Outlander..

  6. Hiring unknown actors could control the budget. I haven’t seen any familiar faces in Outlander. However, most of them did well. Overall, Male actors did better than female actors (IMO), so maybe I should have confidence in this new male one even he doesn’t look anything physically like LJG in the book.

  7. I thought LG was blond. I know they can dye hair but would he look right blond?

  8. I think this casting is great. The man is beautiful with blue eyes. Lord John wears his hair long in a queue so my guess is that they will use a wig like they did for Tobias Menzies when he played Black Jack Randall. It would take a long time for this actor to grow his hair out and the Lord John filming will come up soon. He may not be as short as LJG is in the books, but he is 2 inches shorter than Sam. What is important is the chemistry between them. This actor has successfully played a closeted gay man and has an understanding already about what that means and he is not afraid to make love to another man on camera. He will be very convincing and I can’t wait to see him in this role. Claire was supposed to be 5′ 6″ tall and Cait is 5′ 10″ tall. Brianna was supposed to be 6 ft. tall but Sophie is only 5′ 8″ tall. Roger is supposed to be as big as Jamie and Rik Rankin is only 6ft tall. In each case, these actors have embodied the characters and I am sure the same will be true of David Berry. So far the casting director hasn’t had one misstep.

  9. GO AUSSIE!! He will do a good job and he will most probably wear a blond wig anyway. He was great in A Place To Call Home as a tortured, closet gay man in the 1950’s, so he will draw on his experience of that role when playing LJG.

  10. Perfect choice for Lord John he was perfect in A place to call home and he will quickly become a outlander family

  11. I am really enjoying revisiting Voyager, via audible.com, a streaming book. I listen before I go to sleep at night.
    I am listening to the chapter when Lord John takes his place from his predecessor who says that “Ardmuir is a carbuncle on God’s behind.” He has just met Jamie and is asking for his help as a translator. Wonderful to see the casting of the role.

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