2 New Pictures of Romann Berrux   5 comments

Here are 2 NEW pictures of Romann Berrux


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5 responses to “2 New Pictures of Romann Berrux

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  1. What a cutie!

  2. He’s such a sweetheart and was perfect for the role of Fergus. I would’ve liked to hear from him, how he liked his character,how he was chosen for the role etc. But, have never seen any interviews with him. Would love to hear his perspective.

  3. What a cutie!!

  4. Just re-watched the 2nd Season finale again for the Nth time (lost track of the # !!); still cry when Jamie and Claire tell Fergus he’s as their own son & he goes out into the cold to fulfull his master’s last-assigned errand, knowing he may never see them again…and without knowing what HIS OWN future will be. Wonderful job, Romann. Grow up QUICK so you can play Fergus as an adult!!!!!

  5. He certainly is growing up to be a very noce young man

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