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Nina, who makes awesome Outlander inspired jewellery, moved recently and had to close her Etsy shop for 2 weeks. By doing so, her shop dropped in ratings on Etsy. Since Nina is such a generous soul and makes awesome pieces we decided to help her out and you can too. How can we help her? We can do so by purchasing some jewellery on her Etsy site here. Visiting her Etsy site and liking the pieces of jewellery that you find pretty. She’s donated three pieces for our last giveaway and she’s donating another 3 pieces now. One of them you can win by retweeting this tweet and following her here. The other giveaway is for the two pieces above,  an Outlander inspired bracelet and Necklace set – adorned with hand painted Czech Glass Dragonflies.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Follow her site on Twitter here.

2) Retweet this tweet here.

3) Like her page on Facebook here.

4) Leave a comment below

This Contest is international!

You have until Saturday, August 13th at 8:00pm ET to enter.

All comments will be numbered and the winner will be picked using Random.org

 *Only one entry per person please* 

We will number the comments. If we haven’t numbered your comment yet, don’t worry. We’ll do it as soon as we can 🙂 

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160 responses to “*New* Worldwide Outlander Inspired Giveaway Courtesy of Creations by Nina – Please Read

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  1. 1) Jewelry is beautiful!

  2. 2) Done done and done! The pieces are beautiful!

    Michelle Wallace
  3. 3) So very excited to be a part of this amazing cause all the way down under!

    Maryanne Cardillo
  4. 4) `Love all her stuff, went to her etzy too,,ty!!

  5. 5) The Dragonfly in Amber collection is quite lovely. Noticed the bee bracelet on your site and immediately thought of book 9 where Diana tells the Bees all the gossip in an effort to keep the bees to home. Well done on your creations.

    Maria Halberstadt
    • -1) That’s exactly why Nina made that bracelet. It was one of the pieces she offered for the giveaway but I thought not everyone would make the link between the pieces and Outlander just yet.

  6. 6) Beautiful design

  7. 7) Your work is beautiful! I wish you well in your health. Your on my thoughts 😊

  8. 8) i am a young but BIG admirer of outlander!!! hope to win this time… Good luck to everyone!!! <3

  9. 9) Wonderful pieces

  10. 10) Amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance!!!!
    Twitter as @artdem83

  11. 11) Beautiful!!

  12. 12) You’ve got some beautiful pieces and it would be great to wear them to spread the word of where they come from!

    Good luck ☘in your move and to all the random contestants entered

  13. 13) Beautiful pieces!

  14. 14) Love your jewelry.

  15. 15) Beautiful..done all of the above.

  16. 16) Beautiful!

  17. 17) Done everything tthat’s needed.

  18. 18) Gorgrous jewelry!

  19. 19) Beautiful jewelry

  20. 20) What a wonderful way to give back and help. Good luck Nina!

  21. 21) The jewelry is just lovely

  22. 22) That is so gorgeous!

  23. 23) Beautiful pieces, would be proud to wear them.

  24. 24) What talent!! Keep those creative juices flowing! Beautiful work

  25. 25) You have such beautiful pieces!! I already have many of them!! So love your shop!!

  26. 26) Oh, dear Nina! You know I ❤️ your work! Bought several pieces during tartan week and then came home and broke my bank account! These pieces look amazing!

  27. 27) These are lovely!

  28. 28) Love your jewelry!

  29. 29) How kind of you to help this artist!!

  30. 30) Beautiful jewelry! I follow Nina on Twitter, liked the Facebook page and have retweeted the tweet! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  31. 31) Beautiful jewelry!

  32. 32) What a wonderful giveaway with a donation from a lovely lady.

    Beverly Sheaffer
  33. 33) This jewelry is absolutely beautiful

  34. 34) Beautifully done, love your Outlander pieces!!

  35. 35) Wow, so beautiful & nice to donate for your giveaway. I love them all & so would my friends! xoxoxo Lisa

  36. 36) So gorgeous! This is a great Giveaway!

  37. 37) Twitter: svenze_
    I already like her page! <3

  38. 38) Enjoyed browsing through your Etsy shop and have “liked” several items! I don’t have a Twitter account so hoping that Liking your page on Facebook is enough!

  39. 39) Love Nina’s Outlander creations. Glad to support another cancer survivor.

  40. 40) I am loving being part of this experience.

  41. 41) I am also a cancer survivor for 24 years and I love anything and everything Outlander.

  42. 42) All done 🙂 thank you <3 greetings from Finland!

  43. 43) Beautiful creations!

  44. 44) Nina’s jewelry is beautiful.

  45. 45) Wonderful pieces of jewellery, thank you for the chance to win one of these.

  46. 46) Hope that Nina’s sales are back on track soon. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful piece!

    Elizabeth Wilson
  47. 47) Your jewelrey is stunning. postive vibes for growth in sales.

  48. 48) Beautiful jewelry. I would wear the with pride.

  49. 49) Your jewelry designs are so original and evocative! Brava!

  50. 50) So beautiful!

  51. 51) Done😊❤

  52. 52) The pieces are beautiful! My favorites are the bee braclets, inspired by DG announcing the title of the newest book in the series. Something about bees is happy. Probably the honey!

  53. 53) Beautiful pieces! Love Nina’s jewelry! Wish her lots of luck on revitalizing her business!

  54. 54) Love it!

    Allison Cheshire
  55. 55) astonishing jewelry.the pendant with dragonly in amber is truly my fav.beautiful made

  56. 56) So,so beautiful <3

  57. 57) 😍 that is so gorgeous

  58. 58) Beautiful❤️ Love it!

  59. 59) Beautiful jewellery 💜 Thank you for the chance! Good luck to everyone!!

  60. 60) Your jewelry is beautiful and you are a talented artist.

  61. 61) Beautiful pieces that I would be honored to own & throws to wear!

  62. 62) Beautiful pieces ♡

    Tina-Maria Altiero
  63. 63) How wonderful of Outlander online to support you. I hope your business improves. Very talented Nina.

  64. 64) Looks beautiful! Thanks for making this an international giveaway!

  65. 65) What lovely pieces. Tweet and Facebook done.

  66. 66) Love her creations! Wish I had the money to buy them all!! <3

  67. 67) Simply beautiful creations, esp. the left top one – from my point of view. 🙂 (y)

  68. 68) Love her creative pieces ! Thanks to you and her for the opportunity.

  69. 69) Nina makes the BEST jewelry. It’s all so well made, it’s gorgeous and I’m proud to wear it, daily! I get compliments and hand out cards or write down her etsy store name whwn asked about it.

    Thank you OO for helping Nina and showing off her amazing work!

  70. 70) Your creations are simply beautiful!

  71. 71) This is my favorite show and I would love this beautiful bracelet!

  72. 72) Pretty jewellry. Love the Outlander inspiration

  73. 73) Love your Outlander jewelry. My niece is a breast cancer survivor! Congrats to both of you!

  74. 74) Gorgeous!

  75. 75) The jewelry are so beautiful and so creative that I fell in love with all her pieces but unfortunately cant afford to buy any but still these are amazing! Nina should be really proud of her work!!! And its amazing how you guys are supporting her in her work by doing this international giveaway for people like me. I hope I could win it and get a chance to show people from my country nina’s work and they would want to purchase some jewelry from her. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  76. 76) What beautiful jewelry! Truly works of art. I have followed Nina on Twitter and Facebook, and retweeted the tweet, as required. Thanks for opportunity!

  77. 77) Your jewellery is lovely & I think I’ve done everything I’m supposed to for the giveaway

    Cherie Melbourne
  78. 78) Absolutely gorgeous pieces:)*

  79. 79) Beautiful work!

  80. 80) Wow, this is some beautiful jewelry!

  81. 81) Beautiful pieces

  82. 82) Done, done & done beautiful jewelry.

  83. 83) Done all of it ……..love this jewelry its beautiful..thanks for the amazing chance

  84. 84) Done!!!! Suerte para todas!!!, good luck everyone!!!!

    María caracotche
  85. 85) Good luck & best wishes!

    Nancy Skellenger
  86. 86) Everything done,these look fab great work Nina.

  87. 87) I think the work is beautiful!

  88. 88) Love your meticulous craftsmanship.

  89. 89) nice jewels..

  90. 90) Beautiful designs.

  91. 91) Very beautiful jewellery 💜 Thank you for the chance!

  92. 92) Fabulous necklace hope to win this!

  93. 93) Such gorgeous jewelry. I’d love to have them 🙂

  94. 94) I love dragonflies and Outlander, so what a combination! Really fantastic looking jewelry, I would be proud to wear these pieces.

    Nancy Garabrandt
  95. 95) Beautiful pieces of jewelry! I loved them!

  96. 96) Beautiful work! Followed you on Twitter and FB. 🙂

  97. 97) I would ❤️ to have this!

  98. 98) Wowsers! Stunning, just loving it.

  99. 99) Wooooow!! I love it!!

  100. 100 – I think I am 100 – that has to be lucky! 🙂

    Kate McIlfatrick
  101. 101) The Pieces are just beautiful

    Christina Jaeger
  102. 102) Beautiful jewelry ❤ Thanks for this new opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

  103. 103) Gorgeous pieces. Crossed fingers x

  104. 104) The jewelry is beautiful & celebrates all of what Outlander is about. So very special.

  105. 105) Beautiful jewelry celebrating Outlander! Hoping”

    Rhonda Robertson
  106. 106) Just beautiful!

  107. 107) Such Quality Pieces!

    Lynn Marie Black
  108. 108) Hope the move went well – know how stressful they can be. Lovely, lovely pieces.

  109. 109) Beautiful work! Love the bracelet best!

  110. 110) These pieces are beautiful.

  111. 111) Beautiful a must for my collection

  112. 112) These are gorgeous!

  113. 113) What a strong and talented girl you are! Your creations are beautiful and must be a reflection of the person you are inside.

  114. 114) Done! I hope I’ll get the chance to buy something!

  115. 115) beautiful 🙂

  116. 116) Thank you for sharing your gorgeous jewelry pieces with those who appreciate it and appreciate Outlander .. books and TV series!!

  117. 117) I love your jewelry!

  118. 118) I LOVE THIS!! I have been an OUTLANDER fan since the first book, OUTLANDER, came out in 1991! This is a beautiful
    representation of her book, Dragonfly in Amber! Love the books! Have ALL the books to date! LOVE the series! Good luck
    with your jewelry! It is just beautiful!

  119. 119) Such talent and vision, really captures the essence of these amazing stories!!

  120. 120) Beautiful work!

  121. 121) Omg – gorgeous jewelry!!!!

  122. 122) Amazingly beautiful!

  123. 123) Lovely Jewelry and the details of the Dragonfly in the amber!

  124. 124) Absolutely beautiful. Love them

  125. 125) done!!! this my third chance to win these amazing pieces….love her work<3

  126. 126) Beautiful jewelry

  127. 127) Dragonfly in Amber jewelry it’s gorgeous! I’m going to visit your site and see what else I can find! Please enter me in your contest!

  128. 128) Beautiful, as always!

  129. 129) Every single one of Nina’s pieces are so stunningly beautiful!

  130. 130) Done!! Thanks for the giveaway! The jewerly is B-E-A-UTIFUL! <3

  131. 131) You jewelry is stunning I would love to win a price and show it off to my Outlander friends!! ♡ Thanks for the giveaway chance to win. I hope I win but if I didn’t I am very jealous!

  132. 132) I just love outlander and everything related to it!

  133. 133) Absolutely beautiful work, a compliment to a fantastic story and worthy of praise.

    Janice R Puckett
  134. 134) Jewelry is beautiful!

  135. 135) Beautiful, love the jewellery

  136. 136) Have always admired get work. Thank you for the links.

  137. 137) Completed all of the above!! ❤️❤️❤️

  138. 138) Love these DIA pieces!

  139. 139) I dont.believe anymore in my luck but i love her work so i cant resist

  140. 140) Your pieces are eloquent and you’ve captured the spirit of the book

  141. 141) Beautiful, done everything

  142. 142) Your work is stunning

  143. 143) Beautiful pieces :0)

  144. 144) Absolutely stunning!

  145. 145) Lovely pieces, thank you!🌺

  146. 146) Breathtaking .. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  147. 147) I love all her designs l have a key she designed and get lots of nice things said love all3 pieces of the dragonfly set in Amber would love to win

  148. 148) Wow! Done and many thanks for the chance to win these amazing pieces 😘

  149. Hi Was a winner chosen?

  150. 149) Wow, these are so pretty! I’m so excited at the prospect of possibly winning one.

  151. 150) Absolutely Lovely!

  152. 151) Beautiful!

  153. 152) Very pretty!

  154. 153) Completed all of them above😍

  155. **********************Contest is over*********************

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  157. 1) Wish I could afford to buy all her stuff!!!

  158. Special lady who went out of her way to make a special keychain for me. Thank you, again, Nina, for my little hedgehog. 😊

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