2 New Pics of Sam Heughan and Duncan Lacroix   11 comments

Here are 2 NEW pics of Sam Heughan and Duncan Lacroix

Fullscreen capture 7152016 22411 PM.bmp

One more after the jump!

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11 responses to “2 New Pics of Sam Heughan and Duncan Lacroix

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  1. Suffering from Outlander withdrawal. Appeasing the pain by re-reading all the books. Very angry at the Emmy folks for not nominating Sam, Cait, or the show!!!!

    And to Ron Moore….please don’t kill Murtagh. Even tho the book does….we love him!

  2. That’s Davie the Driver. Not Duncan.

    Best regards,



  3. Suffering outlander withdrawals too so got them all on audio lol but damn you blokes know how to make an old Bird wish she was younger lol can’t wait for the next season xxx

  4. Hope show deviates from book and Murtagh survives Cullodden

    Sandra Riggs Moore
  5. I’m with all fans to keep Murtaugh on show. He’s become such a beloved character on Starz Outlander! Great foil to Jamie and Clair.

  6. I agree! PLEASE new writers……KEEP MURTAUGH!!! He adds such a wonderful dimension to the show and is loved by all!!!!

    Outlander Obcessed
  7. Love this series and look forward to reading the books. My idea of heaven, period piece, time travel and sexy men in kilts!

  8. Please let Murtagh live! So many fans love Duncan Lacroix’s portrayal. It’s impeccable. Jamie needs him, Claire depends on him and all of us in Outlanderville would miss him terribly. Even though he died at Culloden in the book, he could easily be written in to the coming story line. Just ask Diana, she could get him in there seamlessly. Regardless, you’re doing a fantastic job of adapting the books. Keep up the good work and the fans will be right there!

  9. Murtagh stays please. He will be sorely missed in the upcoming season.

    Cynthia Del Buono
  10. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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