Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour   10 comments

Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour


From Barbour

From the borders of Scotland and with a passion for the countryside, actor Sam Heughan is the ideal choice for our first Global Brand Ambassador.

Sam grew up in Galloway, a short distance from the farm where founder John Barbour lived, before moving across the border to set up the first Barbour store in South Shields, in the North East of England in 1894.

Currently the lead actor in the hit international TV series Outlander which is filmed on location in Scotland, Sam will collaborate with us on photoshoots and appearances.

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Working with our design team Sam will also develop his own signature capsule collection incorporating our renowned exclusive tartans, which are based on the Ayrshire District Tartan from where the Barbour family originated in the 13th century.

Alongside his work on hit period drama series Outlander, Sam has received numerous fan generated accolades including the BBC America Anglophenia Man of the Year in 2014 and Entertainment Weekly’s EW-wy Best Actor – Drama in 2015.

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10 responses to “Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour

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  1. Very handsome

    • Congratulations on all your success, Sam! It has been a long time coming and you deserve every bit of it!! The best part from what I read about you, is that you are still very humble… stay that way… as it will make you even handsome than you already are!!

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  3. That is one stunning picture! Congratulations, Sam!

  4. Thrilled for Mr. Heughan! He is so very talented!

  5. Congrats Sam!

  6. A very good choice!! Sam isn’t just gorgeous, he’s got a great soul!! <3

  7. There could be no one better !

    Bonnie B. Miles
  8. Congratulations Sam. They picked the best. Kind and gorgeous man.

  9. Verra handsome– and love the lab– but perhaps a Gordon Setter would have been more Scottish– or a Deer hound– ROLLO!!! 🙂

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