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We’ll Take a Few…Please and Thank You…#EmmysforOutlander   19 comments


A friend and I were speaking today about how every time we read something or hear something about Outlander Behind the Scenes (BTS) we are gobsmacked by the effort, talent, and artistry of the people involved.  I’ve heard folks working on the show say that it is like doing a movie every week. I’m really not sure what the means, but I’m impressed anyway! It sounds like they are doing something monumental and it certainly feels monumental when I sit down on a Saturday night to see the latest installment in the Outlander epic adventure.  In fact, my friend and I decided that once we heard about what all has to be done and how many people are involved, we can’t figure out for the life of us HOW it all comes together!  We agreed that it is a miracle that any movie or show doesn’t fail when you consider the logistics alone.  Outlander is far and away from failing.  When I sit back and just take a look at what I have been presented , I begin to understand how truly remarkable the show is and how lucky I am as a  fan to have people who have so lovingly cared for the story of Jamie and Claire.

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Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour   10 comments

Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour


From Barbour

From the borders of Scotland and with a passion for the countryside, actor Sam Heughan is the ideal choice for our first Global Brand Ambassador.

Sam grew up in Galloway, a short distance from the farm where founder John Barbour lived, before moving across the border to set up the first Barbour store in South Shields, in the North East of England in 1894.

Currently the lead actor in the hit international TV series Outlander which is filmed on location in Scotland, Sam will collaborate with us on photoshoots and appearances.

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