“Dragonfly in Amber” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   62 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

62 responses to ““Dragonfly in Amber” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I thought the episode was amazing. I am in awe of the writers, directors, EPs, actors, and Herself (DG). The stories are amazing and Ron Moore and his team have done a fantastic job bringing it to life. I was just thinking that I have enjoyed shows and stories but never this much. This has been the most satisfying show watching experience (and book reading experience). Anyway, the finale was great. I liked that they chose to save the 1968 content for the end. The casting of Roger and Brianna are brilliant. They have nailed the casting for sure in all the characters. My favorite scene (so many) was when Jamie took Claire back to the stones. It was heart breaking and I liked the way the writers chose the pieces of this part of the book to adapt. I was hoping to see where they carved each others hands with their initials but can understand why that didn’t fit as well. I liked the parallels in what Roger and Brianna say that link them to their parents — Roger with “smells like a F-ing BBQ” and Brianna with “I believe you, I don’t understand it…” and the “no more lies, only the truth between us.” And the costumes — Terry D is a genius with the costumes. She is able to capture so much detail and depth without it feeling charicature-ish if that makes sense. I am a big fan of the entire Outlander enterprise. Love it.

    • Sam here! I enjoyed it tremendously. When Roger , said that i was like “Must run in the family” lol. I actually dont mind that they changed that little piece at the stones. At the Outlander Kisthcen Book Signing, Diana explained why they changed that part: that it really didn’t flow with the scene. And tbh, i didn’t even notice it was gone until after I watched it. So I think it was good decision as well.

  2. I would say …
    S2 finale is one of the best adaptation ever.
    Ms Balfe’s acting deserves an award . I pray they will notice this.
    My favourite scene was when Claire trying to explain to Bree who her real father is. For Bree it’s the feeling of are you like joking mom. But for claire is the feeling of finally I can talk about Jamie again the love of her life.
    And of course toward the end when Bree saw Geilis went thru the stone and believing her mom. Great emotions.

    Thanks you Starz …

    Sandra Arcillas-wurzinger
  3. Disappointed from Sophie Skelton performance. She struggled with the accent and I think, by my opinion, that backed her acting and didn’t come out the way she wanted. It was just too heard to hear and she is in most of the scenes so it was a struggle for me to watch them. I’m not saying that she isn’t Bri, but maybe if she kept her natural accent, maybe her portrayal would have been easier and we would see a much better performance from her. Overall I would give this episode a 7.

    • Well, Bree is from Boston, so they wouldn’t be keeping the actors real accent, which is British. It wouldn’t make sense.

    • Agree with Sandra. Very disappointed in Sophie’s portrayal of Brianna. All of the other actors truly inhabit their characters, but I felt as though I was watching an actor just read lines and follow staging directions. She didn’t come across as Bree at all. It’s a shame, because everyone else was spot on and her acting kept me from really getting lost in the story – I was constantly jarred back into realizing this is “just” a TV show.

    • Wow. I thought Sophie did a perfect American accent.

    • I did not like Bre, the disrespect she showed her mother was hard to watch.I thought they could have found a better actress to play that role.Remember during that era children respected their parents and she did not display warmth and love towards her mother, regardless of how she found out about her parentage. Also no Boston accent.

      • In the book she is angry at her mom and did not believe her until going to the stones when Geillis left

        Astrid Doolaege
  4. How have you seen this already?

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  5. I was pretty disappointed to have been taken so far away from the book by not having the conclusion of the battle of culloden in the series. I expected to see BJR killed by Jamie’s sword. I truly hope that mr. Moore doesn’t plan on keeping frank involved as a time traveler as it would really destroy Diana’s books.
    There were some delightful phrases as stated in previous comment. Claire’s facial expression at the end is priceless. In season one when Jamie takes Claire to the stones the scene is heart wrenching, however this time around it is played with less emotion and not from the heart. I think some of that passion was revealed in episode 201 from Claire
    Roger and Brianna were spot on with their characters. Really nice to view 2 alpha males. (Jamie). Anxious to see the development in future series.
    I’ll watch again tonite, maybe I’ll have a diferent impression.

    • well, uh, even in the book, they dont show the battle. and, uh, frank ISN’T a time traveler.

    • Agree with Marie P, we don’t ever see the battle of Culloden, other than Jamie’s flashbacks in later books. And, the aftermath of Culloden with the guys in the house isn’t in “Dragonfly in Amber.” That comes in the beginning of “Voyager!”

    • I agree, I didn’t see the passion between Jamie and Claire at the stones. I think this part needed more emotion and especially that he knows that Claire is pregnant again. I loved the scene with Claire and Bree finally coming together on the mother-daughter talk and how they held each other.
      Yes Sam, I still love you and am looking forward to your tremendous acting and those beautiful blue eyes that talk to you and the lips that can say
      “Shit” and still come out really cute with the Scottish accent!

      Dorothy A Danley
  6. I loved it!

  7. For those who don’t know (and who are in the US), you can watch Outlander eps sometime after midnight Eastern time of the day of the show (still Friday night for some timezones). Sometimes it’s more like 12:30-12:45am before the ep shows up. I have a Starz subscription thru my cable provider. I have the option of watching from Starz app on my phone, starz.com on my laptop, or from the on demand menu of my tv. On my phone app and website, I just “already have Starz” and my cable provider and then it somehow recognizes my account login.

  8. Pretty good replies there, Primroseandrue16! My On Demand via TV starts at 1A and I’m in EDT, but earlier on the app.

  9. The episode was fantastic. I watched early this morning and I am on my 2nd viewing looking for things I might have missed in the the 1st viewing. I liked the way they handled the 1968 part and switching back and forth when something of significant occurs. I like the scenes at Culloden when she 1st sees the dragonfly in Amber to her telling Jamie about Brianna at the Clan Fraser Stone. Richard playing Roger, just the way I pictured from reading the books, and Sophie as Brianna was fantastic as well. I did not have a preconceived notion of what they look like when I read the books many months ago, before I knew who was casted but they seems to get a awesome pair with the two of them. I knew there wouldn’t be a big battle scene because that is not what the episode was about, in my opinion. It was saying goodbye to people long gone and meeting new people that will be important in the future of the story. I didn’t much care for the Gillian part, but I didn’t like it in the book as well. What the cast and crew including the producers, costumers and anybody else involved on the series did a fantastic job relayed the story and hopefully the wait for season 3 is not long.

  10. I really liked the episode especially Claire in the 60’s. I also thought Roger/Brianna was an excellent casting choice. It was heartbreaking to see Claire back at Lollybrook and on the field talking to what she thought was Jamie’s grave. Actually it could have been other Frasers of course. The Gellis part was important to prove Claire was telling the truth. The dragonfly in Amber moment so sad. The only problem I had was at the stones. I was ok with a shortened version but the emotion from both felt flat. I expected more desperation in their voices. Instead of saying goodbye Claire he could have said one of those Gaelic phrases that I can’t think of the spelling at the moment. . Modun or Chari. Also Jamie should have been dragging her up the hill and both sobbing. I did like the way he led her there and held her hand to help her touch the stone. It just felt like these things already occurred and we were watching as they calmed down. I WANT TO SEE THE INTENSITY. Sorry but it is annoying they keep jumping to the week or month after. With that out of my system, I loved loved every other part and cannot wait for S3. Thank you Ron Moore and all involved.

  11. On my second viewing. Loved that they held hands as claire touched the rock. I did miss the part where claire sees jamies grave stone that frank put there. Loved brees cooment about only the truth between them. Great ending to season 2. And though i was sad didnt cry. Now the bottle of wine i have chilling, i will drink and cry that i have to wait for season 3! Love the music as well. Great show!

  12. I thought it was great! One of my favorite parts was Lallybroch – the poem being read in the background and the vision of Jamie. So moving!!

  13. I really enjoyed it…a little disappointed in Brianna and the lack of initial carvings at the stones but all in all great adaptation. I believe they will show the murder of BJR next season when Jamie and Claire reflect on the battle, at least I hope so. Claire did know and share the day of BJR’s death in season two.

  14. Finale was impeccable: writing, acting, costumes, sets and directing. Though expected – sad to see Graham go. And missed Tobias Menzies. Voiceovers not enough. Thank you to all the Outlander family.

  15. Although there will be a lot said about the Lollybroch scene and rightfully so, it was emotional for me as well, but I felt a strong tug to my heart when the struggle to pierce the knife into Dougal happened. I felt horribly for both Jamie and Dougal. What a fine actor Graham is to watch his expressions change in the struggle from anger, to hurtful betrayal and finally surrender. That stayed with me to the rock that Jamie and Claire stood beside. Before Jamie placed her hand on it he listed the horrible deeds he had done in the past. I felt there needed to be a scene of silence for Jamie to gather some sanity, after Claire went through, for all that has happened to him in those hours, before leaving for Culloden. I felt his emotions weren’t valued enough. He just lost the love of his life and his child, he killed his uncle, his honor stripped away and knowing this was the day he was going to die. Haven’t read Voyager yet I am hoping or it maybe filled with flashbacks that will include this. Loved the finale! Sam’s and Caitriona’s chemistry and performance remarkable as always! Roger is perfect!

    • Got my answer in the new Variety interview with Sam… apparently the flashbacks in season three tell all.

  16. My first viewing was on my iPhone at 1:15 am because I could not get the authentication to work. It was a STARZ problem. This morning I watched it on my big HD monitor on STARZ.com and it made a huge difference because I could see the tears in the eyes and the facial expressions. I expected this to be a tear jerker and the only time I even teared up was on the second viewing when Jamie and Claire said good-bye to Fergus and at the very end when Jamie was backing Claire into the stone. I was moved by Claire’s visit to Lallybroch, hearing the voices and seeing Jamie. I appreciated that most of the 18th century dialogue was maintained and the killing of Dougal was just as I had imagined it. When I saw the MA-TV warnings I knew that we were going to get a quick lift of the kilt and skirt and a suggestion of sex at the end. That horse has been beat to death. Fits with the rest of S2.

    I liked everything in 1968. The way Claire was aged, the change in her speaking voice an even the way she moved was enough. She rocked the Jackie Kennedy look. Richard Rankin was adorable and funny as Roger although I prefer him clean shaven. Sophie is in tough company. She is only 22 and she is coming into this important role with so many expectations and playing with stellar actors and having to use an American accent when she is British. It is not surprising that she would come off as not as good, but I found her believable. I think more of Claire’s personality came out with the way she held her chin so defiantly when she was angry. Bree is not a lovable character, even in the books, until much later. She was a Daddy’s girl and Claire was not around much as she went through med school and had her career as a surgeon. I think Bree resented it and misses Frank terribly. Frank was the primary nurturer. I liked that Bree asked her bluntly whether she loved Frank, clearly Bree saw that there was something not right there. Unlike the books where she calls her Mama in this episode to referred to her as Mother. The tension between mother and daughter looked all to familiar ( I raised a headstrong daughter too).

    I much prefer the adaptation which got us the important information we needed to have to set things up for Voyager. When you think that all of that 1968 stuff happened in 2 days, it was quite a feat to get us where we needed to go in a way that made sense and flowed. I liked the way we met Gillian Edgars with her leading a rally which showed us the depth of her passion which makes the lengths to which she went to go back in time to make a difference very believable. I also like that she met Bree and Roger and the way Claire acquired Gillian’s notes at her home. I am so glad we didn’t go the long merry chase in the book. It was believable that the crucial documents would be in the Reverend’s collection and by splitting forces, Claire was able to acquire the deed of sasine and evidence and Roger’s genealogy in one place. Very efficient and believable.

    All in all I think this was a good adaptation and I am glad we got 90 minutes otherwise it would have been next to impossible to accomplish what they did. It did not evoke the emotional response I expected and is some ways left me a bit flat in that area. Looking forward to S3.

    • oh yes! i Loved Claire in the 60’s. So stylish! It’ll be a littel harder for them to warm up to Bree since we only get her in this episoe and have to wait till Season 3 for more the see her character. But i agree with everything you said.

  17. I agree with Robin completely regarding both Dougal’s death and Jamie after Claire disappears through the stones. I did find the chopping from one century to another quite disorientating, especially at the beginning. It felt as if the emotional arc of the Culloden story was broken up and never really gained momentum. I understand why they did it this way but personally would have preferred all of 1745 and then the transition to 1968 (more as Diana wrote the book). As far as Brianna is concerned I’ll reserve judgement. I’ve read a lot of comments but this is one casting that is far removed from my mental picture built up over years of reading the books and it will take me a while to adjust to Sophie as Brianna I think.

  18. Loved Jamie and Claire’s leave taking!! Otherwise felt was too chopped up.

    Sandra Riggs Moore
  19. And we didn’t hear, “Name him Brian, after my father”, most touching part of the leave-taking!

    • They turned this into Claire’s idea. She volunteers that she will do that. I thought that was ok. She knows how important that is to him.

  20. All I can say is, “wow!” I loved this episode so much. As always, Caitriona was astounding. Claire in the 1960s is just as awesome as Claire in the 1940s or Claire in the 1740s. God, I love Claire in the show! I’ll admit that I didn’t “get” Claire a lot of times in the books…she just seemed so cold/stoic and almost disengaged from the story she was narrating (at least in the first 2.5 books). In the books, her relationship to Bree in book 2 and 3 seemed much colder (from Claire’s side). Luckily, Cait NEVER played Claire as cold…she plays her as hurt, angered, confused, guarded, etc. Such a HUGE difference. I really empathize with show-Claire and could put myself in her shoes after coming back from the stones.

    Sam did a great job as usual too. I loved the way Sam played the speech of “Lord, I loved her well.” I actually could feel the passion from Jamie in that scene. And, I loved, loved, loved the way Jamie walks Claire to the stones and touches the stones with her while Claire is crying “I love you.” That worked for me. It was passionate, and he’s forcing her to go even though he doesn’t want to have to and she doesn’t want to go. Them moving as a unit to the stone was very powerful and I loved that change!!!

    I wish they could have shown the slower making love, but I can see what they couldn’t. Not only is it a time thing in the ep, but it also changes the tension/pace of “must go” drama that is needed in tv. They should have shown a more tender love-making the night before in ep 211 (or beginning to with the dreaded fade-to-black) as Jamie/Claire know their time is coming to a close. Obviously, this would have been before the no-show Charlie raid in the late night/early morning. I’m sad they didn’t choose to do this in ep 211.

    I also wanted to add that I was so, so touched by the fact that they put the 1000 kisses poem in with Claire’s flashback at Lallybroch.

    Roger. I loved him in the show. I like him in the book but don’t love him, but I instantly loved him in the show. Rik is going to be a winner throughout the many seasons to come. He was exactly what I was thinking of Roger, but even more handsome and more likeable, lol.

    I know that some people didn’t like Sophie as Bree, but I did. In books 2-4, I thought she was a spoiled brat. But, in the show, she showed me that she really wasn’t a spoiled brat as much as a hurt, young woman confused by her mother’s guarded nature and seemingly lack of love for Frank. I “got” Sophie’s Bree. I also thought her accent was fine. The producers said they were going for standard American rather than Boston. I’m glad of this. As a midwesterner, I thought she sounded like many of the late teen/early 20 girls around here. I also thought her acting was fine. There were only 1 or 2 parts of scenes that I felt she pulled back a bit. But overall I thought she was great.

    I loved how they played Gillian Edgars. Again, this part made more sense to me in the show over the extra-detailed (and a bit boring) parts of the book. Lotte was awesome as always.

    Again, this ep really worked for me. I also went back to watch the first half of 201 and I felt that what they did in 212 does dove-tails perfectly to 201. Great, great job! And, I loved the positive nature they leave the show in to lead us to Voyager. I’m so excited for Voyager…just sad to have to wait a year!

    • i just finished watching and agree with you. i thought they did a tremendous adaptation, took the key notes and high points-all the key lines i was waiting to hear and see that have been in my imagination for 20 years. Great ending, folks, and the poem at Lallybroch brought more of the love and affection together.

      Fort Williams gave me the same shivers as when we originally saw Jamie flogged.

      i’m from Boston, and think Sophie did a fine job. More thrown that Roger didnt have black hair (!) but again they all did well in their new roles. it’s difficult to separate how we imagine our characters and the reality of real people.

      i really liked the flash back and forward, it kept you paying attention, the parallels in the story and the energy moving forwsrd.

      time to watch it again and appreciate the fine acting, music and story.

  21. Just finished watching. I know it was condensed, but it hit all the highlights. Roger was great and Bree didn’t seem like the spoiled brat she started out in the book. It’s a shame the Galie /Gillian didn’t turn around to see Claire and to give her that question in her mind. In season one, she always had the question, like she knew Claire but not sure.
    As a fan of Murtagh, I feel that there may be hope for continuing the character late. (I always saw him as an “Over Mountain Man” in the back wood of the Southern Colonies. Who knows. Diana are you reading this?)
    Now, let’s not wait too long for season 3 and Voyager. I’m off to read the book again.

    Katherine Lambert
  22. Since this is my first post, I hate to begin on a negative note, but I was disappointed with Bree.She has brown eyes I think and Jamie’s were blue. Claire’s too are light. She keeps saying “You’re so like your father” and I didn’t think she looked like him at all. Otherwise I loved the episode. The switching times didn’t bother me at all. As always, the costumes and production values were outstanding. Can’t wait for season 3. a

  23. You can never please everyone. But Ron did a great job in this finale. I was not disappointed in the least! The changes were not even noticeable. Thought Roger and Bree were spot on. I thought Bree acted just like a 19-20 year old in 1968. I was 19-20 in 1968. A lot of college students were rebelling and thought they knew everything. I’m glad she didn’t try to fake a Boston accent. That is so difficult. Loved the scenes at the stones with Jamie and Claire. I thought everyone did a superb job, even Murtaugh and Fergus and Dougal, as little as they were in it. Thanks, Ron, for making this an unforgettable finale, one we won’t soon forget.

    • agreed. The accent would have thrown me, so Im glad they did away with it and kept a normal american accent

      • Couldn’t have Bree’s accent been English since both parents in home are english

        • That could have worked…I know a family here in the US that originally came from Ireland. Their children were born in the US and they had a bit of an Irish accent because of their parents! 🙂 So, I think if the american accent isn’t perfect that is OK….After all the character Brianna grew up listening to two British people.

  24. Interesting episode I loved it but had some issues with it as well. I’ve been truly enjoying the series, both seasons, and yes even Wentworth. I’ve not read this far in the books yet so I don’t know how Diana portrays Claire at this point.

    I’ll explain what troubled me about the episode.
    #1 Aging Claire…she seemed much older than 48. My mother, born in 1914, had a personality somewhat like the Claire we’ve gotten to know, a strong woman. In the 60’s she looked and dressed similar to the new Claire but she didn’t loose her spark, the umph to her even with a hard life. She was a registered nurse during WWII, later went back to college and got a teaching degree. She even went on to take over and run my fathers scrap steel business at a time when most women still stayed at home when my dad became bedridden in his last years. I tell you this because all these trials could have beat down her spark but it did not. Why take that spark away from Claire? She’s supposed to be older not old..her slower gait and slower speech…I just didn’t buy it.
    #2 The scene where Briana is lashing out at Claire. I don’t think it would have played out that way even in the 60’s and certainly not in a home of college educated, middle to upperclass parents. You just wouldn’t talk that way to your parents no matter how upset or angry you might have been back then. Claire might have grabbed her to stop it or even have slapped her face if need be. Lastly
    #3 A quickie at the stones? Come on….really? They could have had a nice night of pillow talk and I’d have believed it better. But a quickie at the stones just didn’t fit to me. In a way it cheapened the beautifully building drama of their parting.

    What I loved about the episode.
    #1 I loved the music. It seemed to perfectly fit each scene and enhance them. It brought me to tears when they started playing the Skyboat song in the background while Claire was reminiscing.
    #2 Loved hearing Jamie read the poem at Lallybroch and it tore your heart out to see it abandoned and in disrepair.
    #3 I loved how they opened the episode and let the story unfold, it made sence.
    #4 Love the new characters, especially Rodger. Love his sence of humor.
    #5 Loved in the final scene how Jamie backed Claire slowly up to the stones and the way they touched them together.

    The Future? Excited for next season but I’m nervous about how an older Jamie will be portrayed. What do you think.

    • looks like you gotta get reading then! lol!

    • I agree with your observation on an “aging Claire”, mannerism of the time in parent/child relationships in the 60s and the final scene with Claire and Jamie where they part their ways. Regarding the casting of the Roger character, at first I could not see Richard Rankin playing Roger, but after viewing his performance, thought he made the perfect Roger. Unfortunately of the casting of Sophie Skelton, I was disappoint from the start as I could not see her as Brianna, and after viewing her performance, found her performance not the least bit believable as Brianna. One of the other reviews had indicated that she probably struggled with having to speak with an American accent. I do not know if this is the case or not, but if this is the case, then they should have a cast an American actress for this part. I otherwise like the final episode, even with the occasional deviations from the Book.

      yolanda elliott
    • Claire lost her spark when she returned to 1948. She lost the love of her life, her home, her adopted son, her extended family (plus the lost of Faith before that). The way she was acting has nothing to do with age. If you remember, Bree says she is always in her own world. She’s in that world as a way to cope with the loss of Jamie and be able to live in present day. This is actually how DG writes her.

      Claire looses her spark when Faith died and Jamie is not with her (much longer in the book). She comes out if it when she’s reunited with Jamie. There are a few incidents in the books that illustrate her difficulty coping with modern-day life, Frank, etc too. Finish book 2 and read half of book 3 and then it will make sense. We see this heavy gray cloud/loss of spark again in book 7.

    • Thanks shree, you said it better than I did. I thought J n C parting wasn’t what I expected compare to the book. It looked like a jackrabbit mating.

    • I agree! Claire should have slapped Brianna for talking back to her mom that way!

      • In my mind I did hold back from slapping her. Claire was in a fog bc she was depressed. Jamie was the love of her life and it was snatched away. She never had time to prepare herself. So she remained in s state of disbelief for so long, then shock, anger, finally a deep sadness. Stages of depression. She never got to the point of moving on. Physically yes, but mentally no. While there she began to move forward in the process by saying goodbye. So sad. Some never get passed it.

  25. I loved it. The one observation for me is that the television series compliments the books. I have thoroughly enjoyed this show so much. Someone ask Diana Galbadon why it hadn’t been made for TV sooner and she replied that we were waiting for them. Meaning Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies. Thank you to all involved for creating something magical. Truly.

  26. Thank you to everyone that is & was part of The Outlander Series. I loved the season finale, Dragonfly in Amber. Every aspect was superb. Bree & Roger are perfect together. The directing, acting, set designs, costumes, editing, everything was perfect. This finale linked the past to the future and explained the Scottish history surrounding The Outlander Series. The 1960 styles of music & dress made me think I was in 1968. Jamie Fraser’s frustration after trying to change the history of Culloden is heartbreaking. The most heartbreaking scene is the goodbye scene at Craig Na Dun. The choir & music are exquiste. I adore Scottish music. My ancestors were Scottish, this series connects me to my heritage. Love that.
    I look forward to the next episode. Thanks Diana Gabaldon. Again my appreciation for this beautiful piece of artistic work that you all have put together. By the way, I subscribed to Starz network in America after seeing TV ad with Sam & Caitriona. I watched all of season 1 prior to season 2. I’ve never heard of Outlander prior. I’ve fallen in love with this series. Now onto reading the book-Voyage this Summer. Writers, pkease re-unite Jamie & Claire again. Their love is timeless & it’s what everyone hopes to experience. This Outlander Series reaches outside the ordinary, taking one on an adventure untraveled previously. Each episode is worthy of revisiting, again and again and again. Once you taste the splendor of Outlander, nothing else will compare to it, nothing. The fans are so enamored with this series, they say they go into withdrawals, a period of “drought-lander,” when there no new episodes. Yes, I too will be affected by this, as well. This “drought-lander” experience is attributed to the author, Diana Gabaldon. But then again, Diana cannot travel in time to change things, or speed up her writings, or can she?
    Thank you Diana.

  27. After reading several of the comments and complaints here I think that it would help if a lot of people would go out and buy Voyager. Book three picks up right where book two leaves off and all the questions about Culloden and do Claire and Jamie see each other again will be answered in very short order. Either that or be patient and trust the people that are making the show………..it will all be revealed.
    Overall I think they did an amazing job with this last episode…………….

    Janice R Puckett
    • Agree! i also listened to the podcast, and the rationale of changes are explained.

      i am a 23 year veteran of ” The Books” . There is so much to cover, and only so much time. One of the writers during the podcast also mentioned they were careful to keep certain lines intact , ie. the “rare woman”.

      I’ve had my comments over the past 2 seasons,questioning as to why certain features changed that could have been kept intact. it’s taken me till this episode to appreciate that the show is, in fact, like a Companion or side running novel where alternative scenes and dialog might have been done and see the outcome. Almost another version to savor and enjoy.

      Folks, we have the original version in tbe books. Now we have the alternate version with special scenes and dialoge still intact. More Outlander to enjoy. No one is taking your book away, just look at it as if Diana wrote 2 versions, and we have the insight.

  28. Overall, the episode was a little disappointing. I think that Claire was directed to act too old, and I feel as if Bree’s portrayal was wooden. There was little to like about her, and thus, you wondered why Roger even felt an attraction. Since the character was born and raised in the United States, why not cast an American actress who would have had no accent issues, and probably would have portrayed Bree more accurately as a young American woman of the 60’s. The scenes in Scotland when Jamie and Claire were together and responding to the impending battle were best. The scene with the killing of Dougal, and Jamie bringing Claire back to the stones, were outstanding.

  29. As a non-book reader, I felt this episode felt flat and a bit disjointed (similar to 208).

    But, the individual scenes (Claire by Culloden grave, Claire and Brianna’s fight about her real father, Jamie telling Claire he knows she’s pregnant and Jamie & Claire’s goodbye scene) were heartbreaking and powerful. I find myself watching them over and over and over again. At least 5 times now 😉

    The editing/storytelling fell short as a whole in this episode. It felt there were too many things jammed in this episode and didn’t allow for certain scenes to breathe. Cutting from 1746 to 1968 was too jarring. It didn’t allow the viewer to process/digest what just happened. Perhaps they could have had 1746 scenes edited together and then cut to 1968 in a chunk together. Or have 1968 scenes bookend the episode.

    I understand we needed to introduce Brianna and Roger but they took up so much screen time which took away from Jamie and Claire. Did we need to see Brianna and Roger having a picnic? Also, there was no hair dye back in 1968? Claire looked like a skunk 😉 No need to age Claire physically since some 49-50 year old women look like they’re in their 30s.

    The “goodbye scene” was moving but that “quickie love scene” wasn’t necessary if they weren’t going to do it justice. My friend told me that they had a more proper goodbye in the book the night before. But since this is television, I understand there are many scenes to include in the limited time given. I would rather not see them make love in the cold open area and have it be over in 30 seconds. It made that time together less significant.

    We get that Brianna is Jamie’s daughter (from Claire watching Brianna sleep, Claire telling Brianna about her father in the bedroom, Claire at Culloden grave). It wasn’t necessary for Brianna to say “I believe you. I don’t understand it but…I believe you. No more lies. From now on, I only want the truth between you and me”. I get it was a nod from episode 111, but it cheapens the audience’s intellect. We are DIEHARD fans (I bet any Outlander fan – non-book and book readers – knows every powerful line said between Claire and Jamie). We don’t have to be told literally that Brianna is Jamie’s daughter. Subtlety is more powerful.

    I felt the ending of Claire looking at the end was so cheesy. I’m not a sci-fi/fantasy fan and one of the great things about Outlander is that the show is able to suspend my disbelief and make me go with it because the characters/story are so compelling. But for Claire looking into the light from the stones, I felt the sci-fi element kicked in and pulled me out of the suspension.

    I thought season 1 finale was amazing. 9-9.5 out of 10. Perhaps I binged on it in April and didn’t have any expectations, didn’t read anything about the show or it just focused on Jamie’s rape (one topic).

    As I caught up with season 2, read up on some non-spoiler interviews/spoke to some friends who read the books (without major spoilers) and hyping myself up (thinking they must have to make love (an epic one?) before going back to the stones because she’s pregnant with Brianna), I was disappointed with the finale. I’d give season 2 finale 7 out of 10.

    The show is best when they focus on one area/topic (201, 202, 204, 207, 209, 210, 211), not cramming too many things in one episode. Again, I get it. There’s a lot of material in the book but as a non-book reader, we wouldn’t know the difference as long as the essence was there.

    Now, I am NOT looking forward to #Droughtlander 🙁

  30. The final episode had to show us so many ‘links’ to the past as well as the future that I was glued for the entire 90 minutes. Didn’t know what to think at the end I’d seen so many emotional scenes between various characters so, of course, I watched it again and picked up a few more details. The story is so compelling it’s easy to simply get lost in it, to see but not see every detail.

    I keep waiting for the producers to talk more about Sam Heughan’s performance but instead it’s always Caitronia Balfe, who is superb, of course, and it is HER story but there would nothing to tell without his serious acting abilities in all facets of Jamie’s person. They are incredibly realistic in their portrayal of a deep and abiding love for each other.
    I, too, was surprised when I saw Sophie Skelton for the first time. I know Claire doesn’t have the eyes as written in the books but for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed child is a bit of a puzzle. X chromosomes not withstanding ! A throwback to another generation ! Her eyes being like Jamie’s as well as her height and hair etc were important parts of the books but guess we can’t have our cake AND ice cream, too. Perhaps her acting will improve with time.

    Comments have been made about the respect kids had for their parents then..are they kidding ? 1968 was the time of hippies, assasinations, constant demonstrations against the Vietnam war, college dropouts,.In most well adjusted families they’re right about having respect for parents but thousands of kids were out there ‘doing their thing’.
    Too bad this show isn’t on every wk all year long but then the actors would age rapidly they’d be so tired…still haven’t figured out when they have time to learn their lines with the enormity of the production, constant interviews, location travel, plus freezing or wet most of the time in Scotland.

    Point being, I’ve never seen anything like it and am totally grateful to have this ‘escape’ into history.

  31. The finale was brilliant. I loved it. I really cried when Claire is finally saying goodbye to Jamie at the Clan Fraser rock.
    Good adaption of the book. It is not feasible to put everything from the book into 90 min. of filming, nor is it easy to find actors that are exactly like the characters in the book.

    Astrid Doolaege
    • Agree, and thank you for saying so succinctly. Let’s thank everyone from props to actors for their excellent work

  32. We know Sam is an excellent actor and Caite. But something was off about the stones scene. I felt something missing. Sam was stoic which was necessary to a point but Claire was a feisty one. The emotion showed at the fight at the river should have been there. It just had this bucket list effect that was disappointing. I did love him walking her back to the stones and the holding hands. The quickie was rediculous.

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