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Here is a new interview with Richard Rankin from Entertainment Weekly


From Entertainment Weekly:

In anticipation of his debut as Roger Wakefield in Saturday’s season finale of Outlander, Richard Rankin talked to EW about the shooting process and what may throw fans who have devoured Diana Gabaldon’s book series.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How much time did you spend on the episode?
RICHARD RANKIN: I believe it was about two to three weeks.

You went to some pretty cool places.
Yeah, we really did. I know that they kept it quite low key where we were shooting because of fans coming out and taking photos. They didn’t want Brianna and Roger to be photographed. They didn’t want the first glances of the characters shown on social media. And yeah, uncontrolled circumstances I suppose, which I get. And so, we’re all kind of rushed in and out of buildings under umbrellas, hoodies. So, I don’t remember much about the locations.

How much prep work did they give you on the role?
I read the books. I would have done so anyway. It was a real treat. It’s a real privilege to have that kind of resource at hand, because normally you won’t have a series of books to turn to for immediate research on a character or role. Unfortunately there isn’t a huge backstory in Dragonfly in Amber for Roger. And there isn’t much in terms of a foundation for the character and the script. He goes on such an amazing adventure across the books.

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  1. Wow They did a great job! Just watch the last episode .Was not a fan of the casting. Now I am . They are a perfect Roger and Brianna. Great Great actors.

  2. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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