New Diana Gabaldon’s Book Nine Title Revealed   34 comments

Here is the new title for Diana Gabaldons’ upcoming 9th Book

“Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone”


34 responses to “New Diana Gabaldon’s Book Nine Title Revealed

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  1. Oops – I’m not sure I like the ramifications of that title! I don’t want anyone – especially Jamie and Claire to be gone!

  2. Don’t you do that when someone diies?
    Beautiful title but what will it mean for Jamie and Claire?

  3. Oh, what does that mean???

  4. It has my attention, cant wait to read it! Thank you Diana!

  5. Oh gosh. My heart stopped. M.G really knows how to get an emotional response. Difficult to handle. The books, the tv, and now this😂

  6. Ominous….

  7. Shared this with my daughter & her eyes filled up! Don’t want to loose Jamie or Claire – I’m not ready she said! Does sound ominous but I still can’t wait to have it in my hands & on Audible read by Sabina!!😏

  8. Whatever we have coming I know it will be an amazing read!


  10. I can’t wait! Almost done with book seven , and I have eight ready to go. Very excited. I still miss Rupert and Angus.

  11. I think we can all say that title sounds ominous, but PLEASE don’t let have ANYTHING to do with the Fraser’s!!! NOOOOO DEATHS!!! When dos it come out? Got to get it on my kindle!

  12. Such a poignant title! Beautiful! I can hardly wait to read to read this book.

    Marieke van Baest
  13. I’d be more excited to see a firm publication date……..

  14. But……if this is the last book in the series then there has to be a passing if we are to find out about Jamie’s ghost. Outlander keeps proving to be bitter sweet.

  15. It is an ominous title isn’t it? Scary to think about for as long as we are going to have to ponder the title. You are ornery Diana.

  16. You know that Diana always speaks about groupings of “three”. Ten doesn’t make sense to me. Nine is divisible by three. Nine books make more sense.

  17. My first reaction was “oh no!” Not that I have heard the expression before (gathering from the first few comments it’s a known phrase.) Guessing though,
    that it will refer to Claire and her bees (needed for sustenance and healing properties.) How could we ever be ready?

  18. Very interesting title!

  19. Just read about the tradition of telling bees and it is an ominous foretelling because the bees are told as part of the mourning process look out here comes the huge loss I’m almost afraid to read it

  20. Any releas date yet?

  21. Big question – WHEN? All of await more of the story. When asked in an interview Diana claimed she has always been unaware of how long Jamie & Claire will go on so possibly this will not be their end but… We relish each & every morsel and savor the anticipation of what will come. Just tell us WHEN!

  22. Maybe Diana will write about the ghosts of Jamie and Claire. They would be young again. This story reminds me of Wuthering Heights bc of the intensity of their love. I adore Jamie/Claire from the books and some of them from the tv series. I do think the true beauty of their relationship has been lost some how with the tv adaptation. I re-read the books often bc the passages are so endearing whether in a humorous or relationship way. Sad they didn’t allow Sam to fully depict Jamie’s true character bc I think he would have done a great job. Don’t get me wrong Sam is wonderful which is why he should have been allowed to do those scenes. The talk about honesty, hot springs, and much humor left out. Sad.

  23. OOOOooooooo – this title sounds ominous. I know it has to end ‘some day’ . Can imagine it’s going to be a challenge to write the end of this amazing series but I am sure the amazing Diana G will do it in the masterly way she writes everything in these books.

  24. Ominous indeed. In most of the books the time they are in together is slow and thorough in detail so If they’re married 50+ yrs, counting the damnable 20 apart, plus the years in NC, the Revolution etc, maybe DG will be kind and drop everything and keep writing, keeping them alive a bit longer ! She is some kind of genius, no doubt about it. I’m almost 84 and this is the first and only thing that has given me a much needed escape from becoming a widow a few years ago. Surely it’s Jamie looking up at Claire in Inverness in ’45. Perhaps they were together even before that else why would he be there?? Mercy ! All the questions ! When a friend finished the books she wrote ‘I feel like I’ve lost my family’…we all seem to get so deeply involved with these characters..quite an accomplishment by this amazing author.

  25. I am very very scared. I know the books must come to a definite end and I’d like to have Diana bring the series to an end in her way using her fabulous ability to convey such an intense relationship with style, realism , and intelligence. I don’t want it all to be left open ended with others making up their own endings and pushing that on me. Yet all that said, I still have to say, Lord I am so not ready. Life without Jamie and Clare to go back to, to take refuge with, and to share their adventures, is more than I am able to bear. Diana take as long as you need to write your next masterpiece as the hard to bear anticipation is more than eclipsed by the anguish felt that now each additional book brings us closer to the end. Just the thought of it, just writing it here, is making me tear up. Take your time Diana and know that we love you for doing what you do and are so truly grateful to be allowed to accompany you on this journey.

  26. How much longer will we have to wait for book 9. ?

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