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  1. Have been waiting for the big “O” marathan but saddened to see season already over. Hopeing next season will hit all the high notes of the book, the final end of Black Jack at Jamie’s hands, J and C 20 years later reunion, the bad luck bitch Learea busting in on them at Lollybrook, and the revisit to Paris to Faiths grave. Read somewhere that one of my favs, Murta, will not be killed off but reapper at some point as having been rescued but without any memory of finally meeting ROGER and Brianna. Wonder if the makeup staff can take beautiful young Jamie to 20 years older or have to re-cast for older look. When I read and re-read the beautiful image from u-tube story line is Gerard Butler and some times,I know this sounds crazy, Vin Diesel. The reunion scene especially as him. He has the Viking vibe Jamie seems too. So wishing same Jamie all the way thru. No other Claire will do though. She had an older look to her this year so pretty sure makeup can age her 20+ years.older Furgus will be a trick. The young one has his character down so well.will be glad to see Learea hagged out. Dislike her character very much. Up there with Black Jack.unfortunatly probably see more of sissy Frank. Will miss all the Leoche characters that died this season. Ian’s dog sounds like a character also.

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