New Pics of Sam Heughan   4 comments

Here are NEW pics of Sam Heughan

Fullscreen capture 6262016 102827 PM.bmp

See the other pic after the jump! 



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4 responses to “New Pics of Sam Heughan

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  1. Looks like the California coastline. He does like the beach scene. Can’t make out the state on the license plate. At least he is getting some alone time which he treasures .

    Louise Tellalian
  2. california plates. not smart to show license plate numbers in a picture. He does like his Audi’s. A couple of months ago I saw a picture of him in Scotland with a light colored audi.

  3. Plate is visible but this is definitely a rental.

  4. Kinda looks like a publicity shoot for Audi…………..???

    Janice R Puckett

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