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I was incredibly honored and fortunate to be able to attend the Outlander Kitchen Cookbook signing on Saturday evening in Scottsdale. I was a bit nervous for a few reasons. One, I had never been to a book signing EVER. Second, this was my first Outlander event/experience. Third, not only was I going to meet Theresa, but Diana as well. Never in a million years could I have imagined that I would meet one of my favorite authors. Thank goodness I had to drive 45 minutes to get there. It helped to calm me down. I was able to take some videos and pictures, but not many. My battery died pretty quickly. But I’ll try to recap the evening to the best of my abilities.

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Let me just say, both Diana and Theresa are so sweet, kind, and hilarious! I arrived at the hotel around 5:20 and BOY WAS I GLAD!! There was already a good group of fans waiting. I found myself a good seat, got a glass of wine and waited. At around 6:30 Theresa and Diana entered the room and we where able to go up and say hi and take some pictures if we wanted. I was happy to meet Theresa and took this picture with her.


Theresa had been given the heads up that I would be there by another OOL member and co-founder, Marie. I had already purchased the cookbook for the giveaway the previous day, but it wasn’t signed. I was going to give my copy for the giveaway, since it would be signed. However, Theresa told Marie to let me know that I could bring the unsigned book and that both books would be signed. Thank you again, Theresa! Then Theresa and Diana went in the back and were officially welcomed into the room accompanied by none other than a bagpiper.

He was awesome!

Theresa started off by recounting how her cookbook came about. How she discovered Outlander, and read all the books of the series that where available at the time, which went up to The Fiery Cross. She spoke about how her first recipe, which if I remember correctly, was the Pigeon and Truffle recipe, came to her and by the time she came home, she had the entire recipe in her head. She also spoke about how her and Diana first got into contact.

I really wish I could recall everything!! The brilliant idea of videoing some of it didn’t hit me until Diana started speaking.

Here are some videos I was able to take of Diana.

In this one Diana, talks a bit about her cameo appearance in 1×04 “The Gathering”

Diana talking about the writing process and the episode she wrote, 2×11

In this video Diana talks a bit about the rosary beads that Jenny gives to Jamie in 1×08

Lastly, Diana talks about how long it took to get Season 3 and 4 signed off 

After this video, my battery was at less than 10%, so I couldn’t take anymore. But there was a Q&A. Here are some tidbits I remember from it and from the evening.

  1. Diana confirmed that the DVD and CD Soundtrack will be released in September. 
  2. NO, Jamie and Claire are NOT being re-cast. 
  3. When your cooking as different elevations, Theresa suggested to go to her site, and look at the comments about things to tweek and adjust when you live at different elevations and dealing with cooking.
  4. She also mentioned that the site and book have suggestions on how to make things gluten-free.
  5. Diana let us know that 2×13 is very faithful to the book with the exception of one part. I won’t say what it is, but the change was made because it did not flow well with the episode and because of a previous problem back in season 1. But overall, we will be very pleased with the season finale.
  6. All the photographs in the cookbook are taken by Rebecca Wellman. Check out her IG here . She’s brilliant!!
  7. Theresa creates most of her recipes from A Breath of Snow and Ashes, but her favorite book is Voyager.
  8. We will be getting the printing shop scene.
  9. Adhamh O’Broin helped Diana out with the Gaelic in her new upcoming book

That’s all I can remember. I need to bring a pen and paper next time. Wish I could tell you guys more! But it was an awesome experience.

Below are some of the professional photographs that the photographer took throughout the evening.

– Paige


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  1. My favorite book is Voyager too. Can’t wait for Season 3-4.

  2. Although I had hoped to get there, my plans did not happen. Your recap was a wonderful substitute! Thank you so very much for thinking of us who lived too far away to participate in this event!

  3. We’ll get the printing shop scene this season ?

  4. Rats–they’re rushing through so much that I now have started over on the books. They can’t be absorbed in one reading tho’ I thoroughly enjoy this escape with Jamie and Claire it makes me wonder what they had to omit. It is an extraordinary effort by everyone involved. Superb in every aspect especially compared to the drivel that saturates cable. .

  5. Paige,
    Even without a pen and paper, you did a great job with your recap of the evening! I was there (I asked the question about when the DVD and soundtrack for Season 2 would be released), and I found Diana to be a gracious and entertaining speaker. Although I don’t think we “shared a moment,” I do feel as if she shared things with us she may not have shared with the world before. (Shhh! Let me live with my illusions.)
    Diana also spoke about how cold Scotland was in November. I was there with my boys in October, and the weather was lovely. We Phoenicians just needed a sweater. Maybe we could get them to start filming Season 3 sooner if we let them know! 🙂
    The cookbook is beautiful for those of you who don’t cook (I don’t), but also makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys Outlander. Imagine what a nice gift it is for Outlander fans who actually do cook!
    Thank you for all your work!

  6. THX you so much Theresa!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Wasn’t able to attend. I’ve seen Diana a few times, and I can’t imagine a more accessible, generous writer. I’m so impressed with her as a human being.

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