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Warning: This postmortem contains spoilers for the “The Hail Mary” episode of Outlander, which aired June 25.

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They’re dropping like flies in the Outlanderverse. This week we said goodbye to two important characters — Alex Randall and Colum MacKenzie — and with the Battle of Culloden now seemingly unpreventable and looming large, it’s highly unlikely that the morbid trend will reverse when the Season 2 finale airs on July 9.

“The Hail Mary” episode put the final pieces together on how Alex, Black Jack, and Mary Hawkins all figured into Claire’s future husband Frank’s family tree just before the kind gentle Randall brother drew his last breath. It was devastating to watch, but at least Alex got to put his ducks in a row, request a final favor of his sick-and-twisted sibling, and make sure his baby mama and unborn child would be provided for.

Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish) was not quite so lucky when it came time for his deathbed confessional. The long-infirm Colum, the older brother and MacKenzie clan leader with whom he has consistently butted heads for two seasons, arrived in Inverness and Dougal temporarily rejoiced, thinking that his brother had finally come to his senses and was ready to join the Jacobite cause. He had not. Instead he had come to make his wishes known about the future of the clan (Jamie Fraser would take the MacKenzie reigns until his son came of age instead of Dougal) and to add insult to injury, Dougal would not be in charge of mentoring Colum’s son who is actually Dougal’s offspring. Dougal felt like it was just one more way Colum was punishing him, but Gary Lewis (Colum) interpreted the move differently.

“No anger, retribution, or malice in Colum’s business with Dougal,” Lewis tells Yahoo TV. “Colum seeks to understand the developing situation and makes decisions based on what he thinks will be best for the clan, many years down the line. He sees that Dougal is incapable of that. Dougal is more about instant gratification. No thought or foresight. Graham says that Dougal is ‘complicated.’ Whereas he is really just a havering arse driven by his knob and his pride. So Jamie is the man.”

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  1. Very interesting to read Gary’s take on Dougal. Clearly, he thinks his brother was horse’s ass.

  2. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  3. Loved Colum at first sight! Loved both character & actor, how great!
    I missed and I’ll miss him so much.
    Great episode 12!

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