Outlander Preview for Episode 2×13 “Dragonfly in Amber”   5 comments

Here’s the preview for Episode 2×13 of Outlander ‘Dragonfly in Amber’. 

5 responses to “Outlander Preview for Episode 2×13 “Dragonfly in Amber”

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  1. Episode 211 had me in tears. Loved every moment of it .Rewatching it know.

  2. OMG I don’t think I can handle this. I’m in tears already and my stomach in knots! It doesn’t look like they will have the last night in the cottage. 😂

  3. Just finished watching episode 12 for the 3rd time and then of course the trailer for 13 and I have to agree with others on this. I feel that if they don’t have some small intimate time with Claire and Jamie before he forces her to go back through the stones then a significant event between them is lost. I’ve read all the books twice in the last 7 months, I’m not a book purist at all as some call it, but I feel that it’s NOT a situation where they would realistically just sit and hold hands so to speak. Jamie “knows” he’s going to die and never see Claire again, and never get to see his child, he’s sacrificed so much. Claire’s forcing herself to go in hopes of saving their child and she “knows” her soul mate is going to die, it would be a huge mistake for their characters not to get to love each other one more time. I also believe it a mistake not to give the fans a few minutes of a pivotal event in the story.

  4. Loved it, but sad for 13. Don’t want Clair & Jamie to separate.😥😥

  5. I haven’t read the books but I’m a huge fan and have cherished every Sunday watching it on my computer in England
    I’ve just read the entry by lori above and omg spoiler alert I had no idea about him dying her being pregnant non of the next events ,I like to watch n wait and see, but for my lil opinion ,I felt sick at the thought of poor Claire having to go back and be with a look alike to the monster who raped and molested and tortured her other husband Jamie. I know there are books but I feel film always changes the story a bit so why only know the main bits I like the run up, I myself am from a MacFarlane Scottish clan lol my grandads family and this made the watching even more personal to me, i have watched a lot of the actors talking to fans and loved the back story and how they felt about there roles and the music at the beginning is beautifully sung and I found out by who and how come they got the chance of being part of one of my all time favourite shows, game of thrones, Vikings and this have made my top ten all time fav shows to watch , I could have streamed it onto my big tv but I’d snuggle up with my laptop n watch the episodes by myself in a little snuggled up position with my cuppa I love it, so can she leave him ,I couldn’t, but will the baby survive and then to go back to Frank with his millions of questions and having another mans child omg it’s Jeremy Kyle she wants me thinks . So do the fans feel cheated if the two love birds don’t get some personal soul mate time together before she has to go and leave her true love to die there , she knows as a clever woman what will be will be, long goodbyes short goodbyes it doesn’t matter she is going one way or another . Aye it would break my heart to leave the man I loved but she’s popping back to another man she supposedly loved also , Frank could be off n married himself by now I’m not quite sure of worm hole etiquette ,if she goes back for those who haven’t read the books ,that’s it them no season three if Jamie dies ? so my stomach churns n he’s off to his death ,If you change the course of history does it not effect events and have backlash . Could she not takenJamie back thru the stones? Would he die , questions are endless .would be lovely if he became the highlander n lived for years n brought up there baby n grand babies lol if only .
    This series has had my emotions all over the place and I have enjoyed it emensly , the script and writing has been so good, the wardrobe and filming locations fantastic, the original books well I haven’t read them but they must be some good reading , I awake next weeks last episode 2/13 ,what will be will be for Jamie n Claire .

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