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Here are new stills and interview with Ron D. Moore from Entertainment Weekly


From EW:

Casting Brianna was no walk in the park — or stroll through the Highlands, rather — for the producers of Outlander.

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As if finding the perfect actors to play Jamie and Claire wasn’t hard enough, executive producer Ronald D. Moore said it was “difficult” to track down a young woman who could pass for their daughter. Ditto for Roger (Richard Rankin), the man who would eventually becomeBrianna’s romantic interest in the ongoing saga.

“They’re very tricky roles to cast, especially when you’re casting the adult child of two of our leads,” Moore tells EW exclusively. “You want to see both characters in her immediately, which is a big challenge, just in terms of who that actress is going be. She also has to play, literally, the daughter of Claire in the 13th episode. And she has to have a certain chemistry with Roger. Even though she’s in that episode very strongly, she’s not as strongly in the next season. The role of Roger and Brianna grows over the course of the books. But at first, you’re just seeing the two of them for briefer periods of time. So yeah, all these things add up to a very complex process, trying to find the woman who would fit all these parameters.”

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