*New* Scan of Tobias Menzies in EW   3 comments

Here’s a scan of Tobias Menzies in EW. 

Tobias Menzies

Source: Sam-Heughan.com

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3 responses to “*New* Scan of Tobias Menzies in EW

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  1. Incredibly impressed with Mr. Menzies acting skills! I don’t think I’ve ever truly hated a character so thoroughly as Jack Randall and yet felt compassion and sympathy for Frank Randall, both played expertly by one person. Kudos to you Sir!

    • I hate BJR so much too. Also, I really didn’t like Frank in the books and Tobias makes him likeable onscreen. He does a really great job at both.

  2. He has done an excellent job. Without spoilers, I know his time as Black Jack is limited, but he can appear on an off as Frank for a little more. I really admire his work and have started following him in his other roles. Sorry to say – BJR and Frank are still my favorites. I wish his a long and happy career

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