New Photoshoot and Interview with Rosie Day from The Protagonist Magazine   1 comment

Here is a new photoshoot and interview with Rosie Day from The Protagonist Magazine

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From The Protagonist Magazine:

What is it that excites you most about acting?

It’s brilliant – Just getting to step out of yourself and play is so very fun and rewarding and different. Just to not be yourself for a while is brilliant. TV/Theatre/Cinema elicit all kinds of emotions from the audience, and to make a stranger feel something I think is quite a magical thing.

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Do you have a favourite film/character that reflects or reminds you of a part of your own personality or a special moment in your life?

I’ve always had a massive affinity with Carey Mulligan’s Jenny in An Education. Which is also one of my all-time favourite films. She’s a girl beyond her years, whose smart but still very naive and innocent trying to navigate an adult world, and realising that being grown up isn’t necessarily a good thing and definitely doesn’t make you a good person.

You started acting very young (at the age of 5), how did this affect your childhood and teen years?

It just meant I had a very different childhood to anyone else I knew. Instead of sleepovers it was filming, instead of after school clubs it was auditions. I was surrounded by adults instead of children, who all taught me so much, and I really just loved it.  As I got older I was bullied quite a bit but I didn’t mind too much as I was doing what I loved and got to escape school all the time!

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